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HESCOM lineman makes climbing poles easier – Minister awards 1 lakh


Climbing electric poles for the electrical linemen has always been a risky job and the use of ladders is also limited.
Sameer Mutalik Desai, who is originally from Dharwad but now works for HESCOM, Belagavi has devised a simple climbing device for which he was inspired from a video on the Internet.

 Sameer Mutalik Desai demonstrating his device of climbing poles
Sameer Mutalik Desai demonstrating his device of climbing poles

The simple device cost about Rs.500 and it took Sameer 15 days to build this working prototype.


The device is used a footwear and this lowers the risk of slipping from the pole, and due to the grip it gets the same machine can be utilized for climbing trees as well.
Minister DK Shivakumar saw this device and awarded the lineman a sum of Rs.1 lakhs at the SVS.



  1. Very Innovative contraption. Excellent idea! there is always room for improvements.

    Congratulations Mr. Sameer Mutalik Desai. We need more problem solvers like you!

  2. Guys, let us appreciate the Innovation that is brought inn and acknowledge the efforts that is being put in.

  3. This footwear is not useful for everyone and not 100% safe… govt should focus on something more resembling like a ladder instead of this risky stunt..

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