Hey Smart City! Are you narrowing the roads?



Belagavi city was selected in the first phase of smart cities and an SPV was formed to execute the projects under Belagavi Smart City Limited(BSCL).


Most of the works were lagging pace, coordination and then in lockdown period, all came to standstill.

Now that work has recommenced, we found that on Congress road, the gutters been built, but while constructing the said gutters for easy work they have left space between the old gutter wall and the new concrete wall that they have built.

smart-road narrow road congress roadBy doing this they have shortened the width of the road by 8 inches to 20 inches.

They could have utilized one side of the current gutter and built a concrete-filled wall ahead of it which would have saved this space.

What they could say is, space has been left for utility cables to be put on the sides.

But eventually the width of the road has been narrowed.

For the utility cables, they could have made a small partition in the gutter but starting it from the wall of the old gutter, now in some places, the stones of the old gutter wall have collapsed, mud is falling and this will continue to happen as it would be only covered with mud again.

If these things are not taken care of then this will add to the sufferings of the residents.

A kind request to our Respected Public representatives to make these contractors responsible for such work.



  1. Not only the contractors are substandard but the management team from top to bottom is also known today to be substandard . All they know is how well to divert Smart City funds into their own wallets, because they have the power to do so. What a shame!

  2. Most of existing gutters on both sides of Bhagyanagar 2nd Cross are closed by mud and garbage, this has resulted in increase of mosquito in the area. During rainfall not a drop of water will flow through gutters, regular maintenance is need of hour, as the rainy season will start soon authorities are requested to take action and arrange for cleaning existing gutters. Regards.

  3. These roads under smart City has turned out to be a bane rather than a boon,its making us feel like we are sitting in an bullock cart while riding our vehicle. Such is the uneven concreting carried on by the contractor. Everywhere substandard work, Never seen such shabby and snail pace work.

  4. Not Only narrowing the roads but also cutting all water piplines in Shanti Nagar Shivaji colony. And also demanding money to repair them. Since I have not paying money they have not repaired my corporation water pipelines from past one month no water at our house and if we complainant on online corporation website still no response

  5. kind request to our Respected Public representatives to make these contractors responsible for such work.
    .Why contractors need to worry about the design of thegutter location. They will do what they have been told.
    What are the s p v Engineers are doing (sleeping)
    and on top of these Third Party technical inspection engineers are giving appl for shoddy work design.

  6. Uday they dont have a road expert to approve the designs & monitor work. this is what I have been saying for a long time

  7. Still some people think it’s a smart city works nah its only sub standard road construction works and if it was done under normal road construction
    Imagine what we would have got.

  8. On MG road tilakwadi,the gutters on both sides are irregular with ups & downs.If they were properly built with level of the road the gutter top would have been in use for parking of vehicles or even movement.But due to the irregularity the road has become short in width & causing constant traffic jams.psrked vehicles are causing accidents.The road was supposed to be widened to 80ft .But thanks to smart city it has been shortened now.It was much convinient earlier.Also gutters are not made in few patches.Drainage piplines neglected.Many houses drainage has been left open in gutter because manholes are untracable.They have made a mess & no proper authority is supervising them.Public money has been misused here & the irregularites should be rectified by due authorities.


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