Honest driver and conductor return forgotten Wallet in bus


by Bhushan Mutagekar
I had a good experience in Belgaum this morning thought of sharing it with you.
Today morning (25/12/2015) at around 8AM I reached Belgaum bus stand from Bangalore and took a local bus #‎2A to Vadgaon with my elder sister. After couple of hours of reaching home I realized that my wallet is missing from my jeans’ back pocket. There were all sort of original documents like DL, PAN card and Credit/Debit cards and cash Rs 2000 plus.
honest-driverI was very unhappy about it because those were all original docs and good amount of money. Since last time I had used my wallet for buying a bus ticket my sister and I thought of going to Central Bus Stand and
inquire about it. On the way we spotted the same bus near Goa Ves and stopped them at the next stop. Driver (Mr Satosh K Patil) immediately recognized us and before I could ask him, he handed over my missing wallet to me, all documents were intact with all the cash that I had in it. He told us, conductor (Mr. Shiva Aralikatti) found this wallet on the seat and they were about to post it to the address on my license. He also told us that there was no phone number else they would have called us.
I am overwhelmed with their honesty. They were refusing the reward that I wanted to give them as a token of appreciation.
I have taken this picture with their permission. Salute to the honest NWKRTC driver and Conductor.
Driver name: Mr Santosh K Patil
Conductor Name: Mr Shiva Aralikatti



  1. Aai Tulja Bhavani reward them with good health and wealth. Their Honest is to be appreciated by NWKRTC department
    Driver name: Mr Santosh K Patil
    Conductor Name: Mr Shiva Aralikatti

  2. Very nice to hear this as a news. That encourages me of being honest. Recently an auto driver had also done similar act. This clearly shows that the moral values in people is still high. And let me tell you that there are many many more people like them.

  3. Highly appreciate to their act of Honesty… good work, their good deeds will surely get rewarded by almighty God.


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