Ideas to be cool, calm and relaxed during examinations


Anxiety prevails in fears of the future that haven’t happened yet. How often does what you worry about actually happen? Take a pause to recap the last curve of worry that took over you.

The truth is, most of what we discern negatively about, never happens. The one dream that no ever sees is disappointing examination results.


Struggling with Exam Anxiety

Human race can hardly spend a few moments without thinking. While it’s entirely usual to be a bit nervous before an exam, Frightening thoughts about incapability to focus, or anxiety of failure can hasten your heartbeat, lead to annoyance, or stomach disorders.  The worst part of Exam anxiety is that it has the power to derail weeks and months of hard work. 

Solutions : 1. Keep your brain light – Having a positive mental attitude and Mindfulness practices rewire the brain toward enjoying the present moment, instead of dwelling on anxiety of result. In mindfulness practice, we learn the wisdom in arranging our preparation schedule and focus on aim rather results. 2. Be a music lover – Soulful music is also a blessing for students. Deep breathing while enjoying music can slow down a beating heart or a contesting mind, so practice this technique at home. 3. Self-Focus – My friends are better prepared than me or he knows more than me, are kind of thoughts which increase your anxiety. You just focus on your hard work. All you need to do is look at your reflection and say positive, successful, motivational statements about yourself as a person and your life in general. This practice has a huge impact on many areas of your life if done daily. You don’t need any preparation, knowledge, experience or even a little confidence.4. Cherish the best moment your life – The moments that matter most to you will always keep you calm and happy. Take some time, in loneliness, free from any interferences, to think yourself how happy you were at that moment. Relive them for few moments and you will be at peace of mind. 5. Thinking about the best gift you’ve ever received in your life – This will give you a reason to smile and will lead you to an era of beautiful memories of your life. If you have that gift with you yet than look it for few seconds and feel the warmth of bonding you have with the person who has gifted you. You will feel light and relaxed. The level of Exam Anxiety will go down.

By implementing these tips, you’re well on to stress-free test-taking. Just remember: breathe and control what you can control. Most importantly, remind yourself that no single test defines you as a student or a person. Mindfulness practices help you see and prevent these mental pitfalls from decreasing your unnecessary worrying about examinations. No doubt, you have to make your time table, plan your study hours and work hard to attempt the examinations. These are few tricks to rejuvenate your mind and keep you away from the thinking about happenings that will never happen if you are relaxed.

About the author:
Dr Manjeet Jain
Principal – Jain Heritage School, Belagavi
City Coordinator – National Testing Agency



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