In this digital age Belagavi Administration is inept and smart on paper only



Since 2007 we have been writing about common issues related to Belagavi and most commonly the issues are regarding the common folks and ordinary issues but which are of grave importance to the public.


Each one of you reading this, all those who just read the subject line and comment please forgive, have come across issues like Street lights not working (or working when they shouldn’t be), water leakages, potholes, garbage disposal, Traffic issues, open manholes and so on…

In the last couple of years, various social media initiatives, like using Facebook, Twitter have come up where govt agencies have shown proactive interest to engage with citizens, but the same is not happening in Belagavi.

But how many of you have tried to contact the agency in charge to get it rectified. Maybe less than 2%, and the 98% who did not do it, we aren’t blaming you as there is no full-fledged grievance readdressal system in place.

Most of the time Civic issues are handled by the Belagavi city corporation which has a website that is not updated for years. No Social media presence at all. They have a page but nothing is updated nor replied.


The Cops are somewhat active and also reply to a few complaints made on twitter. When we say somewhat we aptly know that in this world of real-time, nothing is shared in real-time, The smart city funda looks to be Joomla as the inaugurated command centre hardly helps in day to day activities. Maybe it still needs time to acclimatize itself with the city.

For simple issues like a pothole and open hole one cannot be expected to visit the City corporation office where you are not welcome, even if u go there you will be told go here, go there and when you reach at that designated table, that sir or madam is not in the chair.

In this current pandemic, the Karnataka govt used social media to the fullest extent in solving some of the issues of the public and they must be praised for it.

Right from the secretary level officers to the DIPR_COVID helpline each replied to queries to assist. I myself have so many times asked them to get answers to questions asked by readers and they have replied each time.

smart city board

Why can’t such a system is not put in place not for Belagavi but in all cities. The smart city concept is on papers only where everything will be integrated, forget integration those folks haven’t been able to integrate slopes for all the roads at junctions.

A strong grievance readdressal system must be in place which is easily accessible. The city corporation had a grievance system in place made by the state e-Janaspandana Government of Karnataka But how many know about it is the Question?

A single number for all the complaints which are then routed to the respective departments and a follow up is taken by the higher-ups so that the same are resolved.

We can just hope that the Smart city Joomla turns into a reality for a better Belagavi.



  1. Every leaders in the so called Smart city Belgavi are blind,deaf and mute. Smart city needs Smarter people to lead the way to excellency! It seems leaders don’t hear the cry of Belgavi citizen and they need to be voted out or booted out.

  2. Well, calling SMART CITY project a JOOMLA is a bit unfair. There is nothing wrong with this concept. This problem of implementation / execution is confined only to BELGAUM city i.e. BSCL. The reason why we are seeing inordinate delays…improper executions is purely because there is no periodical progress monitoring / reviews of each of the project. There is also no public grievance redressal system in place. I have , through my fb group ( BELGAUM TODAY – A reality check ) created a couple of years ago , been trying to get the issues addressed by the concerned in BSCL. I have received their responses too…but nothing beyond new deadlines / promises. I have complained about halfhazard executions by BSCL projects to concerned central ministry as well. They too have followed up with BSCL asking them to update me on the status of all the ongoing SC projects. This is clearly indicative of the fact that there is no MONITORING at the local level. Which is MUST. Progress reviews are MISSING. There is no communication channel to interact with BSCL, except through e – mails. Anyway, I still have hopes and shall continue to follow up with the concerned to take the SMART CITY related issues to their logical conclusion. There is also a definite need for citizens of Belgaum to raise these issues at all available platforms / forums to bring about much needed awareness.

  3. I have tried complaining about traffic problems, pot holes etc in the past to appropriate authorities inspite of running here to there. But after some days a message is sent to your mobile stating the complaints could not be resolved due to shortage of staff and it is closed. After experiencing this many times I have learnt to adjust myself to the problem.

  4. I have tired of repeated complaints of Street Lights and cleaning of Road side garbage in Raghavendra housing colony, R. C. nagar. Really we the Residents are fed-up to the Sleeping Administration. Nothing is expected.

  5. True.
    Basic requirements like
    Water bill is not online.
    Hescom is not available as service provider for bill payment in SBI corporate banking.

    Long way to go in digitization.


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