India successfully test-fires interceptor missile – launcher made in Belagavi


India successfully conducted a test wherein an incoming ballistic missile target was intercepted by an exo-atmospheric interceptor missile off the Bay of Bengal today. The moment of pride is that the Launcher for the missile has been made in Belagavi by Servocontrols India Ltd situated in Udyambag.

AAB had first interviewed the ServoControls team in 2009, Airborne with Servo controls.
This is another feather in the cap of Belgaum after the success of this launch.

With this commendable scientific achievement, India has crossed an important milestone in building its overall capability towards enhanced security against incoming ballistic missile threats. It has entered an exclusive club of four nations with developing capabilities to secure its skies and cities against hostile threats. 

team servocontrols
Team Servocontrols at Launch site

In an automated operation, radar based detection and tracking system detected and tracked the enemy’s ballistic missile. The computer network with the help of data received from radars predicted the trajectory of the incoming Ballistic Missile.

About ServoContols: Servocontrols is in the inimitable position to offer the position sensors these position sensors are successfully used by various hydraulic companies across the world. They also manufacture hydraulic actuators with inbuilt  position sensors used in civil aircrafts. They also supply level sensors for petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, biomedical, specialty chemical along with respective controllers & software. Simulators for aircraft flying. Servocontrols is one of its kind facilities India to assemble, test, qualify and evaluate the servo valves. Today Servocontrols has entered into the elite group of companies where under one roof it can offer both the close loop solution for servo hydraulics and also the electromechanical actuators and servo systems.


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  1. Great remarkable achievement by Belgaumites. Servo control major contribute towards building indigenous technology. Proud moment for all belgaum people and keep it up .


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