Indian Express writes about AAB


The New Indian Express wrote about AAB today in its Belgaum edition on Page 3.



  1. Wow, sounds great 🙂 Uday, my hats-off to u. Being So busy wit Ur daily schedule, u work on the website too which help we ppl sittin out of our city n gettin d stuffs updated then n there. Great work n i wish u al the very best from the bottom of my heart for our new portal. Ther r loads of guys to support u. Keep the things going.

  2. Just a suggestion. Instead of starting a all new website, why can't it be (group discussions, reviews etc) part of That way, we readers don't have to keep checking two different websites and it will be a less of burden/maintenance on your part.
    Keeping one site for all that is about Belgaum should be incorporated in only. That will bring more viwership as well. Please think over it.

  3. HATS OFF to you Mr. Uday !
    congratulations for your great success 🙂

    My good wishes for the future of AAB…

    And good luck for the new website.

  4. ongrats uday …. i do remember your i used to send greetings from your site you and sachin has started it ……. well i am really happy to have a website for belgaum and its and well if anyone asks me about belgaum i just give them the bgm site

  5. Hearty Congratulations Uday. Inspite of having a business and hectic schedule you are taking time to post articles/news. Your efforts are highly appreciable. Great Going!

  6. Very congratulations to Mr. Uday. I am eagerly waiting for your new website. Wishing you and your ventures all the very best.


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