India’s Growth Champions 2020 ranks nation’s fastest growing companies – AKP FerroCast Belagavi


The Economic Times and Statista are on the cusp of launching the inaugural edition of India’s Growth Champions 2020, an ambitious initiative that aims to highlight true accelerators of the Indian economy.
Belagavi based AKP FerroCast has made it to the list and stands at 111th position out of 150. Another Company Saankhya Labs headquartered in Bengaluru is also in the list and its founder is from Belagavi.

Parag Bhandare Executive Director AKP Ferrocast (P) Ltd Joint Managing Director AKP Foundries (P) Ltd said the ratings are based on the data from 2015-2018.


India’s Growth Champion, 2020 measures and recognizes the fastest growing companies in the country. 150 companies have been ranked as per their revenue growth rates over the past three years.

The ranking identified the fastest growing companies among all Indian industries using specific criteria; companies had to have generated minimum revenue numbers over a three-year period and primarily demonstrated organic growth. The combination of these many factors ensured that those showcased in the ranking are justifiably called India’s growth champions.

AKP FerrocastAKP Ferrocast (P) Ltd belongs to the AKP Group of Companies founded in the year 1978. AKP Foundries is a market leader in high-quality Ductile and Gray Iron castings. We are an ISO/TS 16949:2002 certified company.

The company distinguishes itself by its high-level performances in the precision Ductile and Gray iron casting industry because of our teamwork, our meticulous quality control, their capacity for production, the skills of our technicians, specialized engineers and also our state of the art equipment.

One of the major advantages is that AKP Foundries has an in-house sophisticated CNC and conventional machine shop. We are capable of providing the castings in full machined condition.

AKP Ferrocast came into establishment in the year 2008 to cater to the high demand in requirements of our customers for castings in higher weight range and in fully machined condition. We work as a single stop solution for our customers for all their requirements.

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