Industries demand the opening of Road at Shinoli



While businesses have restarted in Belagavi as also in the industrial estates near Kolhapur city, factories are still locked up in the industrial belt of Shinoli-Halkarni in Chandgad Taluk, Kolhapur Dist. The village of Shinoli is only 15 Km from Belagavi but over 100 Km from Kolhapur city. It is probably this distance from the Government Authorities in Maharashtra that has spelt a death knell to the industries in this cozy, green belt of Maharashtra.


The Belagavi – Vengurla road has been blocked with mud and rocks, preventing any vehicles, including ambulances and commercial vehicles, from traveling on this route. This is against the rules set by the Central Government. The decision to block the road has been taken by Sub Divisional Officer (Praant) of Gadhinglaj, Kolhapur Dist and the block hasn’t been lifted despite over 6000 families affected due to the closure of businesses or the death of a citizen (case of a snake bite) who couldn’t be shifted to the hospital in Belagavi.

shinoli road block The Chandgad Taluka Chamber of Commerce and Industries held a meeting with the SDO, at her office to understand her perspective and to request her to clear the road at Shinoli and allow trucks and commercial vehicles to ply on the same, as per rules of the Central Govt.

But she said that she has blocked the road at Shinoli village as she has defined this as a containment zone.

Chandgad Taluka Chamber of Commerce and Industries asked her as to why this area has been defined as a containment zone when there are no Covid cases within a 10 Km radius of this spot? She replied that she has been given the powers to define containment zones and as per her assessment of risk, she has taken this decision. To put things in perspective, most industries in Belagavi reopened on 4th Apr. And one can see people playing cricket in Shinoli. But the road is blocked.

Chandgad Taluka Chamber of Commerce and Industries asked her if she will open it up in a week and she told us that she has decided that this road block will remain till the number of Covid cases in Belagavi District becomes Zero.

Chandgad Taluka Chamber of Commerce and Industries told her if it takes 4 months for the number of cases in Belagavi District to come down to zero and she doesn’t open the road, the companies will shut, people will lose their jobs and some workers and business owners may commit suicide. And by the time she opens the road, there may be no business left in that area.To this she replied that it is not her problem.

Chandgad Taluka Chamber of Commerce and Industries pleaded with her to review her decision. But she categorically refused saying this was her final decision and asked us to leave.

Have the rules vested such authority on Officers and if so, isn’t there any remedy available if this is a case of abuse of power?
Legal approaches may be considered but this process may take time and, that’s one thing the industries of Shinoli do not have.


  1. My factory is in chandgad but unfortunately I can’t open it BCS I stay in bgm I hope everything will be fine and the road will be open for everyone just pray to God that everything should be fine

  2. We need to ask her if all industries got closed permanently, then she is going to feed all the employees and their families lifetime.

  3. It should not have been, the chamber & industrialists should meet DC & SP of district & even complain to central ministry

  4. Living in Belagavi and having factory in Shinoli.. Maharashtra.. And no revenue to Belgaum city.. Don’t you think it is unfair.. Why don’t you people have factory in Belagavi itself??? Why blame other cities and govt. When our own Belagavi people are not contributing to development of this city.. Please remove your factories from Maharashtra and relocate into Belagavi… I know it will be time consuming but over time please do it…

  5. Apologize for the sneak victim’s issue n give her a proper explanation of losses in case of futher closer of road. hope she wll understand n resolve the issue

  6. Yes I have a medical equipment factory at shinoli which I cannot open especially at this time when it is needed and classified as essential

  7. Cannot believe words uttered by the officer. Waiting for Cases to go to zero in Belgaum is as good as saying close all the industries and end your lives. God help !!!


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