Insight of CBSE Grade 12th Exams Cancellation

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CBSE Class 12th Board Examinations 2021 have been cancelled. The announcement comes as a huge relief to lakhs of students who have been rallying the government requesting the same. Taking the decision on the much debated and awaited issue, 

The Road Ahead – Evaluation Criteria

It was noted that the board would take steps to compile the results in an objective and time bound manner. It was also added that in case students want to appear for the examinations, CBSE would organize Board Examinations at a later date when it is conducive to conduct the examinations. 

The ‘objective-criteria or Evaluation Criteria will be developed by CBSE and announced, when finalized.  But this time Evaluation Criteria will be little different than Grade 10thObjective Criteria. 1. The Board may award the marks based practical assessmentwhich have been already conducted by CBSE.2. There are chances that the mark allocation can be done based on internal assessments like Periodic Tests, Mid Term Exams and Prelims.3. CBSE may ask the schools to allot the marks based on Grade 9th, 10th and 11th marks of the student. It can be a selection of Highest Marks or Average Marks of mentioned grades. 4. CBSE may give a reference year to restrict the Over Marks allocation. This could be a choice from previous 3 years where school produced the best result. 5. CBSE may ask the schools to form a committee of internal and external teachers to maintain the transparency. 

This will be a great step for well being of the students. There are certain reasons that the students would have not be able to score good marks because :

1. Due to the closure of schools, the students were not able to do lab works as they could have done during a normal academic year. 2. Another fall-out of the prolonged lockdown was lack of peer-bonding. 3. The lockdown seriously impacted this experiential learning, as students got confined to their homes and limited their interactions.4. Lack of physical activities such as sports and yoga that are part of the daily schooling schedule took its toll on students’ physical and Mental health.5. Online education is a stopgap substitute for in-person classroom learning but it is in no way a replacement. 

Conclusion: This is an end of dilemma and anxieties now the students will focus on college admissions. Parents are relaxed now and able to start a search for good college for the students where as the schools are waiting the rules and regulation to allot the marks. 

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Dr Manjeet Jain

Dr Manjeet Jain
Principal – Jain Heritage School

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