Instrument landing system at Belagavi Airport to be made operational by July 2020


Thanks to UDAN and the growing trends of Belagavi with 300%+ growth year on year in passenger traffic, the airport is also gearing up for smooth landings and takeoffs.

he Belagavi airport trending up to the upward growth trajectory, with 3 flights to Bengaluru, 3 to Hyderabad, 2 to Mumbai and 1 each to Pune, Indore, Tirupati, Mysore, and Ahmedabad, in all-around 28 operations a day.


An Instrument Landing System (ILS) is a highly accurate radio signal navigation aid consisting of two antennas that transmit signals to receivers in the aircraft cockpit—a glide path tower located next to the runway at the northern end and a localizer antenna at the southern end. These antennas provide the pilot with vertical and horizontal guidance when landing in low visibility. An ILS is not used by departing aircraft.

In an RTI reply the AAI said

“The work of instrument landing system at Belagavi Airport is in progress. The expected date to make it operational is 31 July 2020”.
However, the Airport officials at Belagavi are leaving no stone unturned to make it operational as early as possible.


An ILS enables airlines and airports to continue operations in low visibility conditions, such as rain and low cloud. This will increase the reliability of landing at the airport. In any weather conditions, pilots must be able to see the runway before landing. An ILS will reduce the decision height, or minima, from 430 feet to 280 feet, improving the chance of landing in poor weather.



  1. It must be done before the arrival of rainy seasons else that would be pending no doubt. We don’t bother about word put them to actions. That’s are expectation as citizens.


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