Jain community protests against the Raj HC order of practicing Santhara


Hundreds of Jain’s staged a protest with black bands on their arms, to protest against the order of the Rajasthan High Court on practicing Sallekhana Vrata (Santhara).

Jain ProtestA memorandum was submitted the deputy commissioner, addressing to Rajasthan CM and prime minister. The Jains in city kept their commercial establishments, factories and educational institutions closed until the afternoon.

Rajendra Jain said they will challenge the judgment of the Rajasthan High Court in the Supreme Court, as it has snatched the fundamental rights of the Jains. The community has high regard for the Sallekhana Vratha, which the court described as suicide, and instructed the government to file suicide cases against those who support it.



  1. Every religious community has to have a deep and meaningful introspection of the rituals and customs prevailing and how useful and rational these are. Every religious community be it Hindu Muslim Sikh Jain Christianity has many irrational rituals which do not have basis in fundamental religious beliefs and practices.
    just imagine in todays world child marriage sati child widows female genital mutilation in some Muslim communities etc
    So Jains must introspect and believe in the wisdom of the learned high court and the enlightened judiciary and engage in internal dialogue with the learned saint and thinkers within the Jain community rather then engage in public displays of anger

  2. But its good on side. Similar kind of rituals are prevailing in Muslims sikhs n buddhism also. So they all will be affected.

    And thats y all religious gurus were commending on the same.
    Its a legal fight now…

    I propose instead of Bandh Strike Senseless bhasan n rally…

    Work hard for jainism on one day and donate your days income for the cause of legal fight. Hire top most lawyers and make permanent solutions.

    We are sensible brainy community. With 376 learned lawyers who are capable of turning off entire judiciary system.

    So with this bandh or protest no one lost we jains lost our money and came at par with other communities. What happened yday has not resulted all enjoyed holidays and selfies and went back home.


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