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Jeevan Amrut -Residential Rehabilitation Centre For Drug And Alcohol


A rehabilitation centre to liberate those with addiction problems from their shackles. Shailesh Joshi,Managing Director of Amrut Group has started “JEEVAN AMRUT” a Premium Residential Rehabilitation Centre For Drug And Alcohol at 66, Sangameshwar Nagar, APMC ROAD, Belagavi. The centre provides Effective Substance Addiction Treatment for addicts with extensive counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy and the twelve steps of Recovery Program of ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS (AA).

Since many years clinicians, researchers, recovering persons and media have fought hard to highlight ALCOHOL AND DRUGS dependence as a major Public health hazard in India. Alcohol and drug dependence is a serious social, psychological and health hazard with far reaching harmful effects on the family, work,social mental and physical health of the dependent person.jeevan-amrut-rehab centre belagavi jeevan-amrut-rehab centre belagavi

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To provide effective treatment, Jeevan Amrut have started this centre in view of the tremendous destruction caused due to the addict and his family. They have come across many people young and old, college going students, businessmen, etc suffering into addiction and if we don’t treat them at an early stage, they will be ruining their lives as well as cause disturbance to the family and society said Shailesh Joshi.

JEEVAN AMRUT will provide residential facilities for treatment, psychologist sessions, doctors, yoga sessions, games and have the process implemented which is needed to lead an addiction free life. Shailesh Joshi said that this centre will be run on the PRINCIPLES OF RECOVERY and will strive to help all those who will seek help.

For details contact Shailesh Joshi 94481 48441 / 99802 66441



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