Kannada activist burnt his own state flag


The news of some miscreants burning the red and yellow flag at Kadoli village had brought some tension in the village and Belgaum city as well.

But the mystery is now solved and the mischief monger was a Kannada activist himself.

32-year-old Shivkumar Desai was nabbed following a tip-off from fellow villagers and subsequent verification of his mobile phone call records. Kannada organisations had staged a dharna on that day at the DC office and had asked for the arrest of the MES and some other Marathi leaders.

The fact is now that the two factions are not accepting that the accused was in their group.

Marathi organisations of Belgaum have condemned the incident.

Inputs from Bangalore Mirror



  1. The root of all CLAUSE `s is MES…. MES…. MES…. MES…. MES…. MES…. MES…. MES….
    Take there A/C of Since the Independence n find how much contributions they have made to this city.
    I want add some more info
    Who got profit from this never ending dispute
    1) Vachun Parat (goes on become the largest localised edtn.s with full minting)
    2) All MLA`s you or me voted or not got elected n they sent there wards, kins, relatives to Engineering/ Medical colleges in Maharashtra on sympathy basis (not mention trust motion/ bill passing in the assembly money they got from Karnataka ruling party)
    3) All of the elected MES candidates got good property's in & around Belgaum n Maharashtra

  2. You craps talking about burning flag by some dirty felllow like you, do you have guts to debate about the Kargil war for profit scam in Bumbai, such type of craps are through out the country. stop fighting learn to live with united.

    Jai Karnataka

  3. people should stop all these kannada, marathi arguments.. the state and the city is for all…the neighboring country laughs on these mishaps. we should be united and screw the neighboring country.. come on guys do not fight among ourselves.. fight for the country.

  4. Mahesh here,
    Do read this…
    China is preparing for war against India.
    Chines Army Silently occupied more than 32km hill station of Indian border.
    13 chines satellites clearly focus all activities of Indian Army.
    Pakistan is also increasing their Army on Indian border.
    Srilanka officialy gave its 2 Army airports to China on 6th Sept 2009.
    SOON India Face a 3-side Attack.
    India is unsafe and we are involved in our internal matters.
    Please do not follow devide and rules Policy.

    • Mahesh, Well we all are united as far as the stakes of India are concerned but that does not means that the issue of Belgaum dispute should not be raised or should not be discussed.

  5. Are mitrano…mala 1 kalat nahi…hey log mahpurushanchi partima ka malin karnyacha pratatna kartahet…parwachich gosht ghya…Chatrapati Shivaji Maharajanchya Pratimevar Kahi Samaj Kantakani Blade(Razor) marun phadnyach praytnya kela….Rae hey log visarlet ka ki Hindavi Swarajyachi Sthapana Tynai Keli aahe…Visarla asaltar Khushal ja Pakistanat….

    Jai Hind.

    • U are absolutely right sushant these k.tka people dont know that they are living as Hindus in India only because of Shivaji Maharaj.. If Shivaji wouldn't have been there they would have been converted to Muslims centuaries ago………

      Jai Shivaji

      • i salute shivaji maharaj,but u marti pple,nothing u deserve and do all the rubbish things in the name of shivaji maharaj..whatz that,is it ur culture!!!!dont think dat mes is representation of hindus,or hinduism is bcoz of u pple,k.dont go in that type of over feelings..if it is the case than y r dey doing all foolish and greedy things out der at mumbai,torturing tat poor bihari’s.dey r also hindu only na…hindus torturing hindus,wa wa wa..firstly ur govt is not able to look aftr ur own state and u all r begging for the city..

  6. I thought it was over in the previous issue of AAB article regarding naming of BELGAVI , one mr, Ram Ayyam has started this & it was almost going on the edge with the kind inputs from Shri, Shri, Shri, Robbie, SM NAIK, Belgaumkar, Sushant Gaundadkar. DONT STOP IT WHAT U STARTED guys! come on roll it, even our MODERATOR loves it

  7. I am adding my comment again. I dont know for what reason my earlier comment did not appear.

    Belgaum has and will remain a pluralist society. Kannadigas, Marathis and people belonging to diverse backgrounds will co-exist. This nature of Belgaum has benefited Belgaumites like me. People should not always be ready to fight given a smallest provocation. I know and love both languages. My relatives are both Marathis and Kannada. Never ever any issue has cropped up within us because of language. Our being Kannadigas or Marathis should not supersede our being human beings.

  8. Dear Sushant Gaudadkar & Editor, Please donot use too much of Non – Veg language words and dear Editor please censor the non veg language. …… Ha ,Ha

  9. This hatred is not for the kannada people but with the state and district govt and administration. Where are all the pepers they promised they'd give in Marathi, even the shop boards were not allowed to be in Marathi where recently it got proven that there is no such law. Boards can be in any language. The only thing i like to tell is that Karnatak Govt is forcing and imposing unecessary laws where they want to bring Kannada in each sector like education, Industries, muncipality. Even in the BEO office they say the papers should be signed in Kannada, these assholes we are signing in english from our school days and how can u expect us to sign in Kannada now. even if we happen to sign then the signatures would vary because we are used to english. So this is our hatredness against the govt and not with kannada people.

  10. This blog is published very nice and it is famous too but hese kinds of posts are putting fire between Kannada & Marathi people. Pls don't post such things as it may also affect blog visitors.. People visit blog for information and news… not to FIGHT !…

  11. To Atul Anjan, If Belgaum is declared as an union teritory ,we will have Biharis ,Punjabis ,Sardarjis ruling on us ,which is undesirable to both the Kannada & Marathi faction. The only option remains is segregate Belgaum into two parts ie :- kannada zone & marathi zone. based on areas where the respective languages are spoken and merge them in Maharastra and karnataka respectively. This is the only solution to remove the so called border dispute tumor of Belgaum ,which has hampered Belgaum to a great extent.The border dispute is a politicians game and as you know that basically politicians have no sentiments ,it is only that the innocent people like you and ,me suffer. I would like to tell you Mr Atul that at Indo Pak border at wagah, the BSF of India and Pakistan share hot drinks along with channa ,papad . In the times of war they hate war and share only frienship.The blood of kannadiga or marathi is the same .I have both relatives staying in maharastra and karanataka ,who are hard core maharastrians and hard core kannadigas. We dont exchange hatred and disrespect but we have good will.

  12. The only solution to these problems is we all need to unite and kick out such guys from Belgaum who is trying to gain attention by using British Rule.

  13. Funny Fact:
    All want some or the other gain instigating the fight!!!
    The guy who burnt the flag –> wanted political image..
    MES –> wants back MLA seats to hogg development money…
    KRV –> wants political recogination too so that it becomes a political party and hence can contest elections and do what MES did to belgaum all these years..
    AAB –> wants more hits on their web sites and advertisements..
    people fighting here have nothing to gain but to lose preciuos time arguing for nothing spoiling their calmness of mind …
    Come on guys!!!
    lets chill out and let the politicians keep fighting, we'll be united whatso ever!

  14. Dear Blogger .. dont post these kind of things !!
    and i know u were moderator of one of mindless communities in orkut i.e "Belgaum belongs to Maharashtra".. may b ur mind forces u too b biased and post these posts in favor of marathi fanatics ..
    but being responsible blogger stop doing these things .. try to cultivate brotherhood .. ur blog has very good reach among belgaum people .. use it for good cause not to cultivate hatred !!

    • Ismail, It is just a debate & one can always have his/her say. If we just talk good goody the issues are not going to be resolved, rather let us discuss the same with ethics.

  15. My dear friend Vinayak, I presume you are a Belgaumite and regret to tell you that if Belgaum goes to maharastra no one will take of it. You must be knowing the Bifurcation of states for example ( Andhra Pradesh split to Telangana & Andhra Pradesh , Bihar Split into Bihar & Jharkhand , Uttar Pradesh split into Uttarachal and Uttar Pradesh).I also wish to appraise you that people of Vidharbha want a separate state to craved out from maharastra ,because of negligence to the Vidharbha region. Dear Vinayak let me tell you that I am brought up in a mixed culture of marathi & kannada ,so I do not have prejudice to any one either. By your statement it is not a matured one and is of the type of breaking India. We do not want any country to invade india taking advantage of our disunity and again start the freedom struggle. My dear friend my friendly advise to you is plaese take a all india tour atleast once in a year ,so that you wrong emotions are corrected. I can definitely assure you that Belgaum will become another Bihar of maharastra ,if it is included in Maharastra. ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING IS YOU SHOULD LOVE AND RESPECT YOUR PARENTS BUT IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU SPIT VENOM OVER PARENTS OF OTHER PEOPLE. JAI HIND ,MERA BHARAT MAHAN.

  16. Dear Uday,
    I do have a request…

    In future please dont post any article on border issue, which instigate fight among our own belgaumites. Its all mess created by politicians from both the states. Media should not give importance and hype to such incidents. We Kannadigas and Marathas are united when it comes to development of belgaum. Only people tend to biased whenever such incidents happen(Its human nature). Its all political drama, for which we are giving more importance.

    Its just my personal opinion. Hope every1 agree to it…
    Please ignore this message otherwise.


  17. @ Mr. Vinayak- Mind your language, just because some hopeless kannadiga activists you cannot say those words to every kannadiga. By the way who the hell are you to throw every kannadiga out of belgaum

    In future keep it in mind before you post these kind if blogs.


  18. Ha Ha ha…. These kannada activists are going mad now they are burning their own flags and throwing dirt on channama's posters. The people who dont respect their own flag and people, one can imagine what kind of disrespect they would have toward marathas.. but i would like to tell u one thing. All the Marathas are united now irrespective of caste, sub caste. If u do anything like this again. we wouldn't think twice to take the law in our hands.

  19. @ Sanjeev Belgaon
    See who is creating the disturbance.. U call our wonderul city of Belgaum with a downmarket name called Belgavi… U are the ass holes who are leaving out the dirty stinks and u say we Marathas are creatng the disturbance. Look at ur own people. they are burning ur own flag and sprinkling dirt on channamma's posters. U dont have respect for ur own flag and freedom fighters..U dont have the rights to say belgaum as belgavi… Jai hind Jai Maharashtra.

  20. God !! one more post !! these people started fighting like dogs !
    wow vinayak wants to send kannadigas out of belgavi !! great !! These are the tings he learnt in schools and from his elders i Guess .!!
    guys ! this is what these nonsence shivsena , mes , krv and other political parties want …. dont respond to such nuisance !
    be united !!
    Jai Karnataka – Jai Maharashtra .. Jai Hind

  21. Truth never hides and at last truth has come out. Yellow and Red colore flag is official kannada flag, but if you mix Yelllow and Red colour , you will get Oragne colour. So kannadigas do not fight, be united with marathas,becuase we are only Indians.

  22. Bhagwa was burned by Kannada peoples , That everyone has seen.
    everyone know that Bhagwa is the symbol of all Hindus not only MARATHAS but all Hindus

    They Dont Have Respect for their Own Flag nor for Bhagwa
    and not for their own Mother Land INDIA.

  23. Rit Shivanand………. BELAGAVI Belongs to every one "BELAGAVI IS ALWAYS CROWN OF KARNATAKA" And you people come out from your dream.

    • hey guys stop.. if "BELAGAVI IS ALWAYS CROWN OF KARNATAKA" then KASHMIR IS CROWN OF INDIA " right ?? then stop fighting or worrying about your room grow up and worry about your house !!!!!

  24. Guys are fighting here like INDO-PAK war… Why kannadigas should go out… Belgavi belongs to every1. People comment like KIDS… Grow up GUYS 🙂

    Uday – FYI there is no offiicial state flag for karnataka.. Not even for any other state in India… The red and yellow flag was used by some political team and still been used. MANY PEOPLE DOES NOT KNOW THIS.

    • Shivanand, You instigate fight by calling Belgaum as Belgavi as well by burning your own red & yellow flag. No conspiracies please as truth always prevails.

      • @Atul – Who is instigating fight. I am not. I prefer to be indian first…. I am kannadiga and I have every right to call it as Belgavi… As gavi means village in kannada.. U can call it the way u want.. We are least bothered… I respect the people who are broadminded. For your best information we dont have any official state flag.

    • yes i agreed they is not official state flag but every one should respect saffron flag red and yellow was presented by rajkumar in his movie and some off stupid people consider us state flag actual one day some one put knife in rajkumar ass then he used clothes its become red & yellow ha ha ha

      • Then wat about ur small,black,curly haired asss baby..be care full,by this diwali a bigg bomb is going to explode in ur asssssss……..got it,first look at ur ass and afterwards talk about oders.

  25. Good that the truth has come out. The marathi people at Belgaum have really got to beunited with genuine leadership. They will be tested & tried by these kind of cheap conspiracy in order to examine their integrity.

    What a show of respect & honour they did express by cleaning the poster of Kittur festival as the Warriors will certainly care for the warrior.

  26. The unity in Marathas is grown to such a extent that at any moment of time the kannadigas can be kicked away from Belgaon .So keeping this in mind these coward fellows are finding such nonsense things to blame Marathas. As they have the police support they think they can do what ever they want but its for their kind information do what ever u want. it was ,it is and it will be for ever as Jai Maharashtra ,Jai Belgaon


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