Kannada organizations oppose new drinking water project to supply water to Dharwad from Naveeluteerth reservoir



Kannada organizations have opposed the mega project worth ₹1300 crores which is awaiting for cabinet approval – 24/7 drinking water supply for entire Dharwad district from Naveeluteerth reservoir. If this is approved then Belagavi and Bagalkot districts have to suffer in coming days.


This place is known as Naviluthertha because a large number of peafowls are found in this area. Even today, we can hear the melodious calls and cries of peafowl here. This dam is the shortest dam in Karnataka — 155 m in height and 41 m in length, with four gates. It irrigates more than 2,000 sq km of agricultural land. It also supplies drinking water to Belagavi, Hubli-Dharwad, Gadag and Bagalkot.

The reservoir which was built in 1974 also serves Ramdurg, Savadatti, Badami, Naragund, Navalagund talukas for drinking water purposes. Later water from here was supplied to Hubballi -Dharwad city and few areas in Gadag district too.

80 MLD water used to be supplied to Hubballi City. But recently a water purification plant has been inaugurated on Feb 08, 2020 in Amminabhavi near Savadatti, from where 40 MLD extra water is being supplied from the same reservoir. Along with all these even for Dharwad city gets 73 MLD.

The Kannada Organizations will cause interruption of water supply to Belagavi where the water originated.

Naveeluteerth reservoirWith all this, another project is waiting to get approval from state govt for Dharwad district. This mega project of Drinking water supply to Dharwad district worth 1300 crores is waiting for GOK approval.

This includes 399 villages of Dharwad to get a 24/7 water supply scheme which is waiting for cabinet approval. If sanctioned then whole Naveeluteerth reservoir water will be supplied to Dharwad alone.

And coming to Mahadaayi, if maximum water is to be supplied to Dharwad district then how “Original Claimant” – Belagavi get benefited?



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