Karnataka makes a pitch for Hero Honda plant at Hubli Dharwad Is Belgaum in Maharashtra


A team from the Karnataka government led by chief minister BS Yeddyurappa met the top officials of Hero Honda Motors to impress upon the two-wheeler maker to set up their manufacturing plant in the state.

Hero Honda team had visited the state and had shortlisted Hubli as one choice for its plant.


In the meeting in Delhi the Hero Honda officials raised certain concerns regarding fiscal incentives that would be possible if they are looking at Karnataka as their destination for the manufacturing plant.

Hero Honda has proposed an investment of Rs 2,000 crore for the plant and the state government has shown them two sites — 500 acres in Hubli and 1,000 acres near Dharwad. The Karnataka government is keen on locating Hero Honda’s project in the Hubli-Dharwad area as it wants to turn this region into a automobile hub. Dharwad already houses Tata Marcopolo Motors, which manufactures buses, and Telcon Construction Equipment company.

The Karnataka Govt. is very keen on developing Hubli Dharwad belt and always gives a thumbs down to Belgaum, and is that even the Karnataka govt. is thinking that Belgaum is in Maharashtra after a series of errors from the Vice president’s office.

The state govt. may it be of any party Belgaum always get bad treatment. Why cant the plan be in Belgaum district. The Belgaum foundry industry is being making automobile components for years and has gained it self a name in this field. Was the Hero Honda team even told that there is Belgaum nearby where also one can establish an industry. We lost the Kirloskar a 100 years ago, and Belgaum’s losing fate is still on.

To be very frank if this is the state of affairs that will continue nothing is going to happen in Belgaum and this blog will keep on writing about this and you all will be reading about it.

The name of Belgaum or Brand Belgaum is unknown and that is the problem. Industrialists coming to a state should ask the govt. we would like to see Belgaum as a prospective place for an industry. When will this happen?

God bless Belgaum!

Source: ET



  1. I totally agree with Mr saheer for his commenet, mere stating the comments does not work out effectively, we all jus read it and forget the next minute, there has to be something done in practical, the real fact is when we persue our higher education we always fly to cities like b'lore, mumbai, goa, and other cities, what i feel is after being here for so many years getting higher educated and saying that " BELGAUM ME REH KAR KUCH GHANTA NAHI HOTA" by our mates i feel so pity on their cheap mentallity for belgaum , the only thing for this is form a group of youths and make some development plans for belgaum and try to brin it in practical. It is the youth who has to take initiative. guys it is the time to change the above sentence written in "caps". lets join hands and work for belgaum, and as saheer said lets work workout in practical instead of commenting…………..what say ???

  2. hi jt_54321 & depak…m manoj…i totally agree with u guys…the govt should promote H-D-Belgaum…not mere H-D or Belgaum…there r many developments in both these cities but i don agree that belgaum has been deceived,the VTU, now another University,foundary park,DEFENCE SECTOR,iNDO-TiBETAN regiment,one of d biggest n 1st Areo SEZ by Quest,textile parks n many more…if they r establishing hero honda in H-D it wil only push d growth of foundary industries in belgaum…d growth wil only come when v learn to collaborate…n who is that SUJAY i don u make no sense by telling that VTU is of no use…u don no d value n importance it has al through d country…n i totally disagree with d person who has put this article that belgaum is in maha..?u didn praise d govt when they brougt many projects..u didn get hero honda dosen mean that u r neglected…to be candid infact wat i think is H-D should hav got more funds compared to its area n size..but the govt didn make any distinction b/w H-D n Belgaum while allocating funds…y don u hail such issues…man i tel u TOO MUCH IS TOO BAD….ya H-D-Belgaum needs more n more attention…look at mysore its growing so fast n also manglore…its coz of the negligence of ppl n also of representatives of N.K…that these cities r neglected…instead of figthing among ourselfs n writing such irresponsible article..v should unite n ask our dues n credits which these cities deserve badly…..

  3. I think belgaum is made an orphan ,its now belgaumpeople and well wishers of belgaum to make belgaum a unique place and self recogonised ,by individual self empowerment.Let it be in anybody's cradle it has to now get up and grow for its living.Presently who ever the guardian may be.
    "An individual grows big ,and the city of his origin is recognised and later he with others grows the city".

  4. I see highly educated people putting or mentioning Belgaum city in Mah state in some networking wesites etc….I really feel pity for such people. Don't really know if these people are educated?

  5. Dear Uday!

    Nice article…but we Belgaumites would like you to stop first making such comments – "Is this in Mah or that in Mah" . Why bring that Mah into picture at all…???? Its a beautiful state…let it stay beautiful where it is !

    It's just a neighboring state that all…Your such comments are likely to provoke undesired feelings in Belgaumites. Which is not healty for the development for the city.

    It has also been observed many times that any contrast drawn between the cities, its done between Belgaum and some city in Mah…which is inaccurate. You can compare 2 mangoes and 2 apples, you cannot compare one mango and one apple!

    If you need something for the city…gohead and fight for it ! Just simply making some comments here in Belgaum is got gonna help in anyway.

    Thank you,
    Rajesh Belgaonkar

  6. cribbers cribbers go away from belgavi… get on with life…

    when these people can attend MES functions and cause havoc in the name of marati, then why crib that kar is not doing enough for them. u get back back what u give.. unfortunately because of such selfish people even rest of the belgavi mandi should face the consequences.

  7. Hi guys,

    Instead we all commenting on some article, we shouldnt we do something in real. It is very easy to give comments on something, but hard to work on it.

  8. I hust got "ONE" response !!!
    whats keeping the others away ?
    Just writing comments on this blog wont help much, We the young guns have to make things happen,
    Lets get togeather and join hands for a Better Belgaum for our future Generations !!!
    " God helps those who help themselves "
    [email protected]

  9. I am ready for this. Sahir i will mail you my support and other details. Ihope Mahant joins us as well.
    Lets keep the spirit. I would request people who are interested send their opinion to either Uday or Sahir with your contact details. Date of meeting can be fixed based on everybody's convenience. I wish people who have commented big and given wonderful ideas on this blog join as well. My contact is there with Uday including my email ID.
    Good to all and thank you Deepak for reiterating Shair's idea.

    • ha ha ha, hey Sandeep

      Nice to see your comment above 🙂 … I will be there definetaly.

      Anything, anytime for Belagaavi 🙂

  10. Friends we are going offtrack the subject. Why critize VTU, SEZ etc these are baby steps of developments. These would develop large scale in future and needs attention.
    We have to think & act, Sahir has taken a very good inititaive lets respond.
    Keep it up Sahir!!!
    Now the news is about M&M setting shop in Belgaum, people representing Belgaum should spring up & make implementable strategies to market Belgaum as a suitable destination.

    Lets keep our spirits high Belgaum, lets be united, think & act.

  11. Why dont we all meet and really discuss / plan for some betterment for Belgaum. I think its the time we start something. If you are really interested, please send me a mail on [email protected]
    I can take the initative of arranging a ALLABOUTBELGAUM Meet.
    Hope to get a positive response.

  12. I am not sure why everyone is blaming government of Karnataka. If someone needs to be blamed then it is the leaders of Belgaum and people of Belgaum.

    We see thousands of people gathering for some Melav then why not for your basics infrastructure needs?

    Govt. sanctioned 100Cr for the development of Belgaum. What happened to those 100Cr? 3-4 roads are being widened. There is no proper long term plan. I feel Hubli-Dharwar is using those funds more effectively and on the grounds you can see the changes in the twin cities.

    If we had got Hero Honda plant in Belgaum then we would have started cribbing that 500-100 acres for fertile land is being used for the plant. Uday would have written one article saying “Do we need development at natures’ cost? Hundreds of people would have given their expert opinion in the blog.

    Mahatma Gandhi quotes “Be the change you want to see” and it applies to each one of us.

    • " Do we need development at nature's cost? " . Ofcourse we don't. Uday would have been right if he had put it on the blog. I don't see any problem in that. There are enough dry areas in belgaum too which can be utilised. The govt has already identified it for your information.
      Coming to 100cr utilisation, the state govt knows how corrupt and inefficient the BCC is. Why doesn't it supersede and take over the charge. We have elected representatives and we know that they are not working in the way they are expected to.
      Its also known that our so called district incharge leaders are least bothered in the development of Belgaum. Facts can be listed out on how the district incharge leaders have treated belgaum.
      I would rather support Mr. Atul Pareshaan's solution parts listed for the problem.

      • hey Sandeep why dont you go n settle up somewhere in Jungle man ? Always nature nature nature,,,, whats the problem if some amount of trees are cut for development ha? India is a Developing country and we must sacrifice something for its development, considering “Development at natures cost” as big issue can we go n settle back in Stone age again?
        what happened if some trees were cut while widening roads, doesnt it make congestion free traffic in the city? Of course its bad to cut trees,but Industries too have some location importance of where they to be contructed, how to be constructed etc, and at that point it may lead cutting of some trees for industrilisation. To fulfill this we can do some plantations right? if you have so much of love towards the nature plant some trees accross the globe. Get someone to work with you, organise, execute,,, but you dont want that,Just commenting here doesn;t make solution for anythig. We need development n we need nature, we must act to fulfill both my dear.

        • Thank you for replying me Mahant. But probably you have not read my whole comment. Calm down and read again.
          And me getting settled in jungle or not, leave it to me. Let me decide that. Don't forget we all of us are already staying in the concrete jungle.
          Its very easy to give personal comments on each other. You need to calm down.
          I agree with you for your second para. But does that really happen. Take examples of the developed cities in India, you'll come to know how difficult it is for people living there. Most of them suffer with asthama and other breathing problems …. this is only the continuation for your second para. I hope I justify myself. Foresightedness should be there while development is being done.
          I am never against development of Belgaum. But the beauty of Belgaum for which it is known for should not be hampered.

          • Hope you had been to bengalooru, the Garden City of INDIA….

            Understand why this comment here………….

          • You are right. I am in Bangalore. But this is not the only city I visited. We donot want another Bangalore or Mumbai or any other city for that matter. But something better than that by taking example of the problems faced there.

  13. PART 1 – There is no doubt that till now Belgaum has been receiving step motherly treatment form the Karnataka Govt. The hope was that at least in future we will get the dues from the Karnataka Govt but there is no positive sign seen around. About the Vidhan Soudha at Bgm it is just being treated as a picnic spot. Is the Vidhan Soudha really going to bring any development for Belgaum, no not at all. Just compare this to the British who used to shift to some hilly station to run their administration in order to enjoy the weather etc.

  14. PART 3 – We can't loose time & just watch injustice being done to Bgm now & often. Well this space could be used to get the intellect of Bgm together, make an organisation & get the local politicians accountable as why there is no development in Bgm. It is the duty of the local representatives to market Bgm properly & get its due share. If we really want to achieve concrete results all the activities should be time bound & they can’t be open ended so that we do achieve some real development in time. Otherwise the normal style of working is that oh it is happening & even my son when he grows into a man he too will hear the same thing it is happening but nothing on ground reality.Well I am writing this so that the people of Bgm should get justice, should have good quality life & should be always hopeful for their future.

  15. PART 2 – The best thing to do is to declare Belgaum as a Union Territory so that at least then we can hope & see some real development work in Belgaum. Well If you compare our neighbouring state Maharashtra there is no doubt that it has been a more enterprising state than Karnataka & hence the people who would always like to see development, have good quality life, always hope good for their future generations will naturally say please attach Belgaum to Maharashtra. History says it was part of Bombay state so there is certainly a logic. Well you ask people like us who have been roaming around the world because there are no good opportunities existing in Belgaum. On the contrary one should really appreciate the entrepreneurs (like Polyhydron & many small scale workshop from where the crankshaft directly goes & fits into the Tata cars without any inspection by Tata) of Bgm who on their own have established themselves in spite of the hardship (no proper power supply) given by the Karnataka Govt.

  16. Hi Uday…

    Nice to see your article here….

    But you can’t make such statements,,,,, Belagaavi is in Karnataka that’s why we got Suvarna Soudha, It’s here that’s why we got VTU, And few more but not so many.
    I am sorry to say that we the Belgaumites are itself Curse to Belagaavi’s Development,,, Our town people are much intrested in arguing and fighting on border issue and other non sense, but not interested in development, and no one dares to talk infornt of the Govt regarding cities development ,not even so called politicians.
    Long ago we lost TATA plants and today Hero Honda, few more like High Court etc …. but who cares ?
    And also we can’t blame Karnataka Govt regarding this too, who knows once if everything done from the Govt side and ‘Jhalach Pahije’ strikes the city again, it will be a huge loss for the state Govt right ?

    If You just publish a article regarding any border issue related topic, people will flood the comments, but if it is something regarding development of the Belagaavi, nobody will put a single comment.

    Men at least now stop fighting, Make Belagaavi/Belgaum/Belagaon better wherever n however it is,

    When two persons fight , always a third party will be in profit. understand this.

    people need will to do society better, not bitter…. 🙂

    • Well said Mahant, you summed the crux of the problem elegantly. Hope everyone gets the point and acts responsibly.

      • VTU? Its of no use. Really absurd.. Didnt our state educate Engineers in the past?
        VTU was just a political stunt..
        Read the recent articles on VTU of erroneous results and also see what false promises these VTU administrators had made to its students doing PG courses..
        I met few students recently they made a remark, erstwhile VC and Adm are flourishing in social and other aspects, what about thepassed out students?

        • Mr Nimbalakar…

          Why so negative always ? VTU of no use, SEZ of no use, Suvarna soudha is political stunt and Passed out students form VTU ????

          I am not negative, I am proud of being passed out from VTU , there are lakhs of other students who feel proud of it, Its much much much better than universities like KUD,KUS,SUK etc,,, We must know to encourage n respect our belongings then only they will grow in pride and confidence.
          Proud of being a Belgaumite first.

          • Mr. Mahant,
            Its not being -ve and all. I am bringing the fact to the notice of all innocent citizens who sometimes get carried away by the flashy Infrastructure and tall claims of VTU like Institutions.
            I made my earlier comment after a careful interaction with some Ex-Students.
            May be you are well settled and b'coz u r an Ex-Student of VTU (As u said) u may have the attachment but Gentleman kindly, also go through harsh ground reality..
            A responsible citizen like me along with respecting various Laws of Indian-Land also have the right and responsibility to criticize and suggest comments to the Govt. including Public .
            welfare Authorities. This is –
            "Freedom of speech and expression guaranteed under our Indian Constitution"

            Disclaimer : My comment is purely in public interest.

  17. I wrote :
    <<< I always wonder, why can't the govt promote Hubli-Dharwad-Belgaum as one development area, the main advantage being, it will increase the chances of getting any project in this region, as it will provide more options to the entrepreneurs.>>>

    I though I expressed my opinion in the above statement. If I am right, the govt has requested Kajaria ceramics to establish a plant in Belgaum for about 150 crores. I agree it is not as glamorous as Hero Honda.

    Belgaum was sanctioned an aero space SEZ. In bigger picture, none of the 3 cities have received any preferential treatment.

    In the recent Karnataka budget, the entire North Karnataka was ignored, if it is of any consolation. Even the earlier sanctioned projects are nowhere near beginning, forget completion of even ONE. Hubli people have been demanding ring-road for many years, to avoid iron ore trucks passing through the city. But it wasn't sanctioned.
    Compared to this, Bangalore got almost 5,000+ Crores. Yes, FIVE THOUSAND crores.

    My thinking is "We should unite and fight together" and make sure we get due share as Bangalore-Mysore region.

    just my opinion…

  18. I agree with your comment about promoting Belgaum also. I have written here and on other forums, for example, for NANO cars Belgaum was equally suitable and the govt should have tried that option also. I always wonder, why can't the govt promote Hubli-Dharwad-Belgaum as one development area, the main advantage being, it will increase the chances of getting any project in this region, as it will provide more options to the entrepreneurs. At least Belgaum got aerospace SEZ, but unfortunately they are developing one Bangalore also, I think.

    Even likewise whether for IIT or any similar devp work, everyone including people on this forum, should promote the entire North West region of karnataka, not just their own constituency. It is a two way street!!!

    But I totally DISAGREE with your assertion/hint that Karnataka govt feels Belgaum is part of MH. I am really shocked you even mention that so prominently. I wish, you don't go to that extreme again. Otherwise, govt wouldn't be spending 250 cr tax payer money (our MONEY), to build a Suvarna Vidhana Soudha in Belgaum. You can debate the decision, but not the intention of the government.

    • The point here why always Hubli and Dharwad Isnt Belgaum there. And if on all occasions Bgm is not visible to them what does it mean.
      The columnists has made a valid point I guess with keeping one thing in mind why is it always hubli and dharwad. Can u answer this please.
      and also about Bgm in MH, I have given ref to the VP’s office mentioning it. Nothing wrong in taking a ref point is it.
      Bgm is like a dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka. Hope all will this point atleast.

      • i completely agree with uday … there is nothing wrong in saying that … no project in belgaum is movng .. though the aerospace sez is setup here the credit has only gone to bangalore … no other developmental work materialises here …. belgaum is still in the same state of development that it was 20-30 years back ….. except for few buildings coming up and few roads being relayed …. the question is why is belgaum being sidelined … belgaum has the most unique things in it in terms of history, industry, education, …. but then why is that step motherly nature on our city … i stand on my earlier comment on this blog that "untill we get the political support we can never see any development in belgaum" … and the supprot has never been there … it has always been a show off …. state and the central govt need the will to develop this city which they don't have …

    • I pity people like you ! What good will that vidhan soudha do for belgaum ? Its just a stunt played by the kar govt. To impress people like you, And the hell, they do it good ! You prove it. Have u ever felt the pain when the assembly is held in BGM, God forbid but if you have some loved one in KLE hospital at that time, you will know ! Belgaumites are being raped in the name of desputes ! Forget the Nano or Hero Honda plants, lets pray we get water and electricity in the days to come. I am sure that BGM will be deprived of the same very soon to keep the rest of the state happy !

  19. Belgaum needs investments, businesses / industries should be set up here. Belgaum has a good potential in terms of talent, labour & if not fully developed an improving infrastructure. Belgaum needs to be marketed as a suitable destination for setting up industires.
    Merely setting up a resturant /eatry, a cloth shop / a grocery shop will not help, these donot generate money/wealth, its only circulation within the available pool. What needs to be done is produce & sell or provide some value added services; these generate money & that adds to the pool & provides development of Belgaum.
    I think we need a CEO to uplift Belgaum, are our People in Power listening.

    • Ceo !! Ha ha ! And whats your duty ? Just log on to AAB and spend some time passing comments ! And you think you have done your part ! Its a duty of each and every citizen of BGM to participate in any such activity that will help the developement of the wonderful city !

      • We are all debating, arguing & critizing each other. Believe me we need a leader who can lead the masses for such movements, without a leader dont you think that the mass would go directionless?. A capable leader – I mentioned as a CEO, the word CEO may not fit in Belgaum's parlance, he can be suitably designated.
        I support your statement "its duty of each & every citizen of Belgaum to participate in such activites" but you have to start some where, do you expect that instantly some one can fulfill his duty. Definetely this should be time bound but this is a big long process / journey.
        Remember guys we have to be united, consider opinions, evaluate & act.

  20. I doubt that Administration FEELS tht Belgaum might go to Maharastra, BELGAUM IS AFTER ALL THE SECOND CAPITAL OF KARNATAKA.
    What about the elected representatives and the chamber of commerice. They should be united and more proactive and present the case like Hubli-Dharwad. It is more about professional lobbying and self serving interest then anything else.

  21. Its a irony tht even our Administration FEELS tht Belgaum might go to Maharastra… in such eventuality their efforts will be wasted… VoteBank Politics.. .

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