Karnataka water board asks for 19 months arrears retrospectively


Citizens of Belagavi are in for shocker, thanks to the Karnataka Water board, which in its latest April-May 2015 bill has asked its customers to pay a 19 months arrears that too retrospectively.

A sum of Rs. 1742 as the difference amount has been added as arrears even when one has paid all his bills up to date. Each one is set to receive this shocker in the coming days.
The bill also states them as arrears from August 2011 to February 2013 and the same can be paid in 5 installments.

 Karnataka Water board belagavi
The Karnataka Water board Belagavi bill

What we have learnt is the water tariff was to be hiked in August 2011 but in actual was hiked in February 2013 and two years later the Water board has marked the difference as arrears and that to retrospectively.

Officials from the ge water board said – It is as per corporation resolution No38 dated 17.11.2014. CAG rised objection regarding non implementation of new water rate from date of GO in July 2011. This report of CAG has been tabled in the Assembly on 29.6.2015. Now arrears is being rised and arresrs can be paid in 5 instalments.

If the water tariff was hiked in 2013 why and which act makes them as arrears and citizens will have to bear the extra amount.

Is this Fair ? We are yet to get a clarification on this from the Water board and as soon as we get it we update.


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