Lack of Infra & Facilities at Belagavi airport to make it International – Angadi


Since Flights have commenced at the Sambra Belagavi Airport there were campaigns on Twitter that Belagavi should be made an international airport.

Today as per the story posted by, Speaking to the media persons here on Sunday, Angadi said “there are no facilities and infrastructure in Belagavi to make the international airport. The land is a major concern. Already we have taken land for Rani Channamma University, Visvesvaraya Technological University, for roads and for many more purposes. If we go to get more land people will beat us. So, if I say we will make it in Belagavi that would be just a political statement”, he clarified.


Angadi also said that he had met Narendra Modi along with Dharwad MP Pralhad Joshi seeking to make one international airport in North Karnataka.

Suresh Angadi
Suresh Angadi

As per Angadi Hubballi has all the land that is required and the infrastructure for making it into an international airport and hence he endorsed that Hubballi should get the International tag.

Angadi claimed that Belagavi has more passengers and more flights than Hubballi but that does not matter.

So the statement of Suresh Angadi has not gone well with the netizens and many of them are infuriated over this statement.

In reality, however as per sources, there is ample land still for expansion of apron and new terminal on the west side of the existing terminal. For an international airport, one needs an immigration and customs desk and normally nothing more with existing facilities.

Angadi also said he was trying to woo the Airline companies to start a direct flight to Delhi.



  1. Please tell us #Mr Suresh Angadi what are additional infra facilities are available in Hubbali airport, Kindly breef them. Then will discuss about Belgaum Airport infra. Simply saying is not make any sense..

  2. Some of belgaum people commented un happy or sad about int airport at hubli , I wish belgaum also have int airport, like bengaluru and mysore people OR other states we north karnataka people should unite for development and fund sanctions any difference we should solve ourselves with dialogue.

  3. Belgaum is much bigger than Hubli & it is the second capital of Karnatak, then it is our right to get International Airport at Belgaum. If we see most of the important industries/offices are given to Hubli Dharwad like IT, High court, Railway Division, KSRTC division, Passport office.etc.

    We should fight for Belgaum……………………

  4. Looks like our minister has more soft corner for Hubli (anything personal or bowed to pressure from other stalwarts in BJP?). If things are not there you(as elcted rep) are supposed to see how to make it up rather than giving up. This (elected people not standing for a cause) is the main reason why Belgaum has always lacked its progress. We see this in each and every small aspects of development. Wake up MP and MLAs of Belgaum. So far you have been elected on Modi wave, time to show you are innovative and has vision for people and land that elected you.

    • Agreed. BELGAUM DESERVES AN IAPORT BADLY so that industries start investing in Belgaum. Hubli already has good industries.
      Belgaum neglected always due to poor performance of our Honble Mp and border issue politics.

  5. He is a desciple of Pralhad Joshi. Always making him happy. We lost the air india early morning big Boeing/a”A320 coz of this man. Belgaum can easily be a international airport. Saying there is no land is like fooling. in fact HUbli has no land. They had to take residential land to make the existing airport bigger.

    Angadi ji who are you fooling? You could not make a intercity to Pune. Bangalore train was long due, you did no favour. You have just failed to impress belgaumites. Why are you making Hubli happy at cost of belgaum rights. We voted you to power and you have turned your back on us. Vested interests perhaps! introspect.

    Better call for creation of Separate North Karnataka Which can do justice to belgaum.

  6. Belagavi
    33624 passengers 666 flights
    42,492 passengers 653 flights
    With 13 more flights, belagavi has 8868 lesser passengers than Hubli.

  7. Angadi Sir, it’s our Belgaums people heart felt request as to try to make happen every possible persistent effort to make Belgaum airport as international and make every good deeds to your mother and home land of Belagum God bless you

  8. Aha….what where you doing for the last 10 yrs Sir ? Seriously consider contesting from Hubli next term…..


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