Maharashtra politicians flayed by Kannada organizations sate wide


Marathi people are being provoked at the cost of linguistic harmony’
Many Marathi medium schools in Karnataka get grant-in-aid’
Pro-Kannada leaders and organisation in Belgaum and the state have strongly condemned the allegations of Maharashtra political leaders at the Seema Parishad. The minister had in their speeches stated that the Marathis in Belgaum were facing injustice from the government. They also alleged that political leaders from Maharashtra are provoking Marathi speaking people in Belgaum and border areas of Karnataka by making baseless and false charges against the Karnataka Government.
Speaking to reporters here on Sunday District president of Kannada Development Authority, Basavaraj Jagajampi and member Siddanagouda Patil lashed back by accusing the Maharastra government of not supporting the Kannada educational institutes in Maharashtra. They `alleged’ that the Maharashtra government had been “killing the Kannada language” by not providing facilities to Kannada schools in the neighbouring state.
Some Stats:
there were 225 Kannada schools in 131 villages surrounding Akkalakote in Maharashtra
Now declined to 68.
one teacher was kept in charge of five schools
No books have been made available for Kannada medium students of PUC and B Ed
Not a single Marathi school had been closed in Karnataka after the reformation of States
332 Marathi and 274 Kannada government schools in Belgaum (rural) and Khanapur taluks have 1,713 and 1,358 teachers
there is one Kannada teacher for 31 students, there is one Marathi teacher for just 22 students.
Effigies of Maharashtra rural development minister Jayanth Patil and Shiva Sena leader Baba Saheb in Davanagere on Saturday, in protest against their insulting speeches against Kannadigas at a Marathi convention by Nava Nirman Vedike. The Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (KRV), Narayana Gowda faction, blocked NH-4 near Baada Cross on Saturday evening.

Source: The Hindu & TOI


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  1. I am a Maharashtrian staying in Maharashtra;my mother tounge is Marathi.I have seen Karnataka state only on map;still since morning to evening I only speak Kannada language;I am found of that language

  2. Karnataka or Maharastra???? comon people.. We are all Indians… Suppose Belgaum goes to Maharastra, what would happen?? would it improve??.. no!!! I think it would worsen…All politicians are the same.. Even though I was born in maharastra and half of our relatives live in maharastra who cant speak Kannada properly. I am proud to be a Kannadiga coz my mother tounge is Kannada. I respect Maharastrians and their culture.. And I ve lived in Belgaum for almost my entire life, I have seen it change into a beautiful city. Let it continue to flourish…

  3. Kannada state in belgaum…
    In belgaum,it is found that some of the marathi people really dont respect kannada or kannadigas…I have seen that some of my friends who were marathis never used to speak in kannada.Even though they had studied kannada as one of the subjects in their schools,they never used to speak kannada with other kannadigas.For every thing they needed they used to go to bangalore,hubli,nearby karnataka places.They want all the services of karantatka.On the contrary,kannada people used to speak with them in marathi…This is the state of kannada in belguam.In spite of all of this,we kannadigas are keeping quite…But MES,shiva sena are creating the problems again and again in belgaum…..Our governement should take strict action against them.

  4. people should not follow the politicans If we dont follow them they will not have any issue to rise Mantri saheb karnataka govt has given me and my people more than enough I am proud too be an INDIAN AND BORN IN KANADNADU

  5. Hmmmm this fight is expected…..

    Right ?….

    When we were children(some 10-15 years ago) there were same issues use to happen,, only marathi organisations use to fight regarding border issue n there were no much opppositions for kannada side,,, but now… marathi's start the fight kannada groups oppose them later ,,, then daily fight n fight….
    I think this all is happening because people dont have busy work schedule there 🙂

    "ಕೆಲ್ಸಾ ಮಾಡಿ ಊರ ಉದ್ದಾರ ಮಾಡರಪ್ಪಾ ಅಂದರ ಜಗಳಾಡಿ ಊರ ಹಾಳ ಮಾಡಲಿಕತ್ತಾವು ನಮ್ಮ ಜನಾ (Kelsa madi oor uddara madro hadsi makkala andar jagala maadi oor haal madlikattar namm jana) " ha ha ha…

  6. Ya….. The above facts are true.. During my study for my thesis, i noticed these things.
    Some villages in Karnataka where Marathi people are in majority have good marathi schools. And even the kannada speaking children are compelled to go to Marathi schools as there are no kannada medium schools… One can just go through the text books in both states. The quality of marathi education in Karnataka is on par with the kannada education. Where as in Maharastra Kannada students have to wait for months and sometimes till mid-term for the kannada textbooks.

    The maharastra ministers should first take care of its own people, before making fools out of us Belgaumites…!


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