Minors being used as mules by drug peddlers in Belagavi


Dr. APJ quotes that “Children are future bone to the country”. Gandhiji said anything should start from children “If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we try to care on a Real War against War, we shall have to begin with the children”.

Drug peddlers are now using minor kids as drug mules to avoid suspicion and identification. This is nothing new, but the use of minors has seen a significant increase in the recent past in Belagavi as well.


Drug peddlers, who supply drugs use minor kids as drug mules. These minors are targetted for a Cake or a pastry or good food or cash as low as Rs.30. And the children used as mules are really not aware of what they are delivering.

The police do nab drug peddlers periodically but this business is on the upward trajectory which is a cause of concern. Also sometimes these children who act as mules fall prey to drug abuse and turn into drug addicts.

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Drug peddlers are targeting youth, particularly teenagers in schools and colleges. More victims are from schools and colleges and professional institutions.

Peddlers are developing a network with senior students in schools and colleges. Their modus operandi begins with luring students at pan shops located in busy junctions, wine shops, and bars through agents and sell the same by packing in small sachets to students, who are smoking it through cigarette sources said.

There has been a drastic change in the pattern of consumption from natural psychotropic substances to chemical compounds as is evident from recent cases.

It is precise because of the police’s alleged apathy and the peddlers’ temerity now each one must turn the anti-drugs campaign into a movement.

There are many locations in the city where the drugs are sold and consumed. The peddlers keep on changing their locations each day for the sales but many consumption zones remain the same such as Sardar Ground, Angol, Fort near Bhartesh and Bhaji market, Old PB road after Old Belagavi, College Road, Small lane Opposite Gogte college, Camp, Khanjar Galli to name a few.

Children who at times don’t have access to high-quality drugs will use volatile substances easily found in corner stores such as cough syrups, pain relief ointments, glue, paint, gasoline and cleaning fluids. Glue and correction fluid, available legally at all stationery shops, are being used by children as young as 12, who inhale these substances to experience the rush of drugs.

Doctors attribute the cause of changing cultural values, increasing economic stress, and dwindling supporting bonds.

It is a fact that many students are addicted to drugs and alcohol due to mental stress, family problems and poor love and affection from the parents, at the tender age. We request the parents to spend some time with their children and keep a tab on their movements.

The Police also must be proactive and nab such drug peddlers at the earliest as we don’t want to see a Udta Belagavi, do we?


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