Modern Bus shelters put up at places where there is No city bus service


About 20+ modern looking bus shelters have been built in various parts of the city and we were amazed to know that a few have been built at places where there is no city bus service and hence the utility of the same is in question.bus-stop-belagavi

Look at this – One new modern bus shelter is built near KLE International School Hanuman Nagar where there is no bus service.

One more is at SG Balekundri College where there is no bus service and one also near Maratha Mandal citizens said.

One exists at Vaibhav Nagar as well we were told.

The design of the bus shelter is very modern but if there is no utility of it, then why waste public money is the question?

There is heavy traffic on Vadgaon route but these kind of shelters have not been on the said route expect for one near Maratha Mandir, Railway Over bridge.



  1. Comment: ramthirth nagar at keb station as 2 such new shelters hardly public takers for that shelter. yamnapur falls under corporation limits inspite of repeated airs to Mr Angadi MP no concerete reply from him . no proper planning and implementation all hap hazard constructions loot public . the one built infront of Kle hospital provides shelters to tea stalls. smart city no smart planning

  2. Also, there is one build at Ramatirth Nagar (last bus stop), near KEB grid which is sround 300 mts away from the currant bus stop.
    Logically this supposed to be built at place where there is currant bus stop and which should be convinient to all citizens.
    I am not sure who plans but this new bus stop is of no use for Ramatirth nagar (near KEB grid) citizens.

  3. Public money at its best use for public. I really wonder who plans all this and how they plan as to where to put up these and where not. I fail to understand these things.


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