More than 500 ladies take part in Green menstruation conversion oath taking ceremony


The Green Menstruation drive and oath-taking ceremony took place today at Chikodi. This event was conducted by the Pankh Foundation to spread awareness about sustainable menstrual hygiene and practices.

This was A Pan India GREEN MENSTRUATION CONVERSION OATH TAKING CEREMONY which was initiated by the Society of Menstrual Disorders and Hygiene management. More than 47 cities participated in this awareness drive. Pankh foundation carried out this national level oath-taking ceremony in Chikodi. This event is registered in India book of records (IBR).


Green Menstruation drive and oath taking ceremony took place today at Chikodi

This activity was carried out as single-use sanitary pads are causing great threat and danger to the environment. Sanitary pads take millions of years to compost, generate trillions of tonnes of landfill waste, expose sanitation workers to the risk of infections like Hepatitis C, Block and clog the drainage system . Use and throw pads also cause health issues due to the chemicals present in them. This was an attempt to spread awareness about sustainable alternatives like reusable sanitary pads, biodegradable pads, menstrual cups.

More than 500 ladies took an oath to go green in Chikodi on 5th March between 11 to 12. The ceremony had health talks by Dr. Sandhya Patil and Dr. Rohini Kulkarni. Lead members from Chikodi also joined this drive. Several schools and colleges also joined hands with Pankh for this drive.

Thousands of girls across the country have taken the pledge on 5th March 2020, between 11 am- 12 pm. Several organizations, NGOs and doctors all over the country joined in hands for this wonderful initiative of green menstruation. Proud that Chikodi was a part of it.



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