New eToilets could solve public sanitation issues


This new breed of toilets called as E-Toilets by the City Corporation are planned to be set up in the city after approval.
Currently one prototype has arrived at the City corporation office. The insertion of a Rs.2 coin opens the door of the eToilet for the user, the sources said.

E-Toilet prototype in Belagavi

This is the new trend of unmanned toilets which would be paid. These are not self-cleaning and water conservation mechanism in the toilet makes it unique but even then a welcome step for the women who face a lot of hardships due to lack of public toilets in the main city areas.

The corporation plans to install 7 such toilets for a sum of Rs.50 lakhs under the 3rd installment of the CM’s special fund.



  1. 100% agree with maddy
    Only after 3 to 4 months they will vanish
    only government officers will get even more richer our hard earned money in form of taxes will be spoilt

  2. Why cant the Corporation construct the pay and use toilets as like in Bangalore, this toliets dbs will be installed at the cost of 50 lkhs and after 6 months they vanish, if you construct and give them for the maintence for a labour with some minimum wages it would be well maintaned.


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