Nimbalkar says some resemblance in Kalburgis suspect and man killed


After a bullet-ridden body recovered by the police on October 18 from Manikwadi cross near Khanapur bears an uncanny resemblance to the sketch of one of the prime suspects who shot and killed the noted writer and scholar M.M. Kalburgi earlier thie year, Hemanth Nimbalkar, Deputy Inspector General of CID Police visited spot at Manikwadi today and ratified that there was some resemblance between the sketch of the suspect and that of the person killed there.

Now the police have a new hand on task to ascertain the identity of the deceased person who was in his late twenties. The police further said it would do all it can to ascertain the identity of the deceased as this will solve the gloomy picture and if the deceased is really anyway connected to the killing of Kalburgi.



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