No flowers for youngsters on Valentines day


After the most unhappening last week Sunday also seems to be getting some lime light as it is Valentines day and the Sri Ram Sena has warned the flower vendors across the city not to sell flowers to youngsters and hotels.
Sena said that it will not allow the youth to celebrate Valentine’s day as it is not part of Indian culture. They also added that they wont intervene if celebrations do not hurt Hindu culture.

Sena activists would keep a vigil on the movements of youths. The Sena has asked social organizations, hotels and business firms not to organize functions.


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  1. very well said Vijay.. Where are these senas when there were mumbai attacks n recently pune…
    Forget about helping people, they dont even give moral support to people who are suffering.
    They dont know how to support people in distress but they want to save these pepole's culture!!!

  2. Belgaum is going back to the stone age.Soon we may notice that that all ladies will wear Burkhas like veils,deney fundamental rights to the girl child and make them a burden to the society.This will also incease the female feoticide.

  3. Utter nonsense. First of all who are these people to tell us what we should and should not do? If they hate Valentine's Day let them not celebrate but why impose anything on others? If such celebrations are leading to obscenity then that should be brought to the notice of authorities, but they are none to take law into their own hands. Universal Acceptance has been Indian Culture.

  4. I no longer feel that I stay in a democratic country, this is called hypocrisy and it's not tolerable at all. Why should we be told by some love losers what and how we should lead our lives????

  5. who r dey to decide abt our culture?who hav given dem the authority to warn the flower vendors and disrupt the valentine's day celebrations? wasnt diwali celebrated in white house???did anyone oppose dat saying its nt american culture? the limits hav been crossed literally…it shows how a bunch of goons can hold thee city to ransom..

  6. Are these Sena fanatics and Goons are authoritarians of Hindu culture ? do they know what is our culture ? I am sure no at all , the culture they have is goonda culture cheap publicity and , "Ram ke Naam pe Desh kare Badnaam",
    I can knot the tie so can even wrap Pancha ( Dhoti) authentically , besides Know exact teaching of Prabhu Ramchandara (Maryada Purshottam) , not even one bit of it these thughs carry am sure. If they have guts I can argue on texts of Vedanta for carrying ourself on lines of Hindu culture , I pity these creatures born for no cause

  7. What an ridicules display by Sri Ram Sena.. I don't understand why they want to disturb two people who are in love? and who have given them rights to do that? In Any religion i don't think there is any message saying don't fall in love… then why the hell SRS people are doing that? I am also a Hindu, I respect all religion but I don't believe in the ethics of SRS.. If they are so against V day will they don't marry in there life? I don't think the activist working in SRS have never teased any girl in their life, If they want to stop people who are in mutual love its totally wrong.
    I will respect these Sena's(Sri Ram Sena, MNS, Shiv Sena, RSS and don't know how many Sena's in India) work for human cause. I will respect them if they help all religion people if they help police to investigate if they help terrorists and fights against them.. When ever there is attacks happens where this Mutalik, Thackray's go hide them self's? why they dont come and protect their own people from attacks? Common guys give everyone space live and let live… please lets unite for social cause not for religion… lets be unite.. lets fight against terrorism poverty and many other issues which making us suffer!


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