No new positive case on May 11 Mid day update



According to the midday bulletin on May 11, no new case has been reported. On may 10 as many as 22 new cases were reported.


113 or 107 positives from Belagavi? Confused
Many readers who are watching News channels would have seen a total number of COVID positives as 113 but all the local media has reported only 107.
This is because 8 persons who were part of the Ajmer return group are originally from Bagalkote. Hence Locally the Administration has shown it differently even when they have been isolated at Belagavi hospital.
So 107+8=115 but even then we have a difference of 2 this is because last fortnight 2 positive cases were missed out, hence the number 113 in the bulletin of the Health Department.

corona-virus covidWith regards to the Discharge as well there are some discrepancies – According to bulletin dated 10-5-2020
P258 – 33 Male Peeranwadi No info shared – Health dept bulletin has a mention

P287 – 30 Female Hire Bagewadi – no info shared – Health dept bulletin has a mention
P284 was discharged from civil info was shared and this is already in the 36 discharged.
so according to this data discharge number must be 38 we had 36 already P284 was included in the 36.
P258 and P287 as per health dept bulletin are discharged, so 36+2= 38 discharges.



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