No one dares to break this AUTO-cracy


The word “Autocracy” means “a state or society governed by one person with absolute power”, in our terms lets replace it with Auto-cracy – “ a state or society governed by Auto union/Drivers with absolute power.”

The “AUTO-cratic” rule in Belagavi seems to be never ending. Kinsfolk who once traveled with their parents and who now travel with their grandsons always have the same concern about how and what will he be charged.

Police checking the Auto Meters at Belagavi
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Even after the recent climax and anticlimax of fining Autos then strike then seizure, but now its gone bad to worse.

Not even one Auto is ready to come by meter, now the straight answer is “Meter?? idhar meter nahi chalta.. Give 100 give 80”

The best part is No one in then Belgaum and now Belagavi has ever tried to out break this Auto-cracy. Which is very strange? Half hearted efforts were made to show that we are there but no implementation.

The auto fare was hiked as per the Auto drivers request even after this they dont want to follow the law of the land.

So are they above the law of the land?

If the citizens demand that Auto’s must charge as per meter and prices fixed by the RTA then what is wrong?

Some questions which need to be answered by the Autorikshaw wallas:

If you can fix meters while getting the passing done at RTO why cant you continue the same and is this not illegal then?
Is it that only your vehicles get a hit due to bad roads, other commuters also face the same problem?


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  1. Auto drivers are the major vote banks for our local MLA :), hence taking action on them is not at all possible. City IAS and IPS officers are ready to bring this culprits to justice. But the orders are not given to them.

  2. This only shows that the utter weakness and inefficiency on the part of concerned authorities of Belagavi. There is no way we can aspire to be a Smart City in the near future if such dishonest and weak authorities reamin at the helm of affairs. We the citizens need to rise in protest and demand our due rights.


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