No Plastic in Camp area from 15 march


For a greener tomorrow the Cantonment board of Belgaum has decided to ban the use of plastic bags from March 15, 2010.

From that day loose plastic bags will not be available for sale or distribution. Products like milk, biscuits which come pre packed in plastics will be allowed.

The most important point here is to see how this ban is implemented with limited resources of the board and limited staff.

The ban on use of plastics is a welcome measure but how it is implemented is the biggest question.


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  1. The guys in the developed countries have to think of measures to conserve. I think that we should not starve of our basic necessities of energy while our counterparts in developed countries are least bothered and spend energy lavishly. I tell you we are already efficient no need for further reduction which may lead to energy starving. All that we need is a bit of awarness about energy savings & spending. Its high time that our power production should increase.

  2. In Indian Metros power/energy usage is slightly more due to transport of large distances, airconditioning etc. In developed countires the power used is extremely high, they need lot of energy for heating homes, buildings, offices & shops, practically many things are machine operated & need power. The vehicles are fuel guzzlers because they are of big engine capacites & also need heating & a/c. The waste or garbage generated per person is also very high. People drink bottled water & beverages. Just imagine the whole belgaum city drinking water as of now, if in future the same water is packed in bottles for usage. Imagine power required for bottling, tranport, garbage etc all this adds to cost & depletion of natural resources & adding carbon prints. When I think of Belgaum or even Mumbai we are quite energy efficient compared to our western counterparts. All that we can do is a little bit of marginal correction (like using compact lamps instead of incandesent lamps, avoid wastage etc).

  3. Friends, I am not against the ban on use of Plastics but I am of the opinion to that we should identify larger issues & do some thing to tackle them, not simply put to inconvinence by sitting over larger issues & trying the non-priority ones.
    Let me share my views with you ;
    "Going Green": Energy and Water are the two most important things which needs to be conserved. Conservation is keeping the natural reserves intact without depleting which can be accomplished by efficient use, recycle & preservation. This is the duty or responsibility of the entire society as a whole. Let me tell you that the energy used by people in developed countries is almost 20 times to those in developing countires. In cities like Belgaum average house-hold use of electricity is for lighting, TV, & fans (in summer only), fridge, a/c are not very common.

  4. I really wonder how the fish market is going to handle this. I doubt if this will be implemented completely. Lets wait and watch.
    Uday, lets do a redo of this post with updates this month end.

    • I like the way you relate to this post, Bang !! You are at the right point ! Yes, when i read it, I thought it was not a big deal. But when I read Fish Market, I started thinking again from the start. Yes Sahir, we have to see how the fish market will adhere to this ban on plastic bags.
      Is this the same Sahir who takes us back to the past of Belgaum ?

  5. Plan is good, But why only camp ? what about other parts of the city ?

    And if implimented, how do they supply milk ?? directly from Goulis
    (Dhood waala)? 🙂

    • Sir, Read the article carefully.
      It says "From that day loose plastic bags will not be available for sale or distribution. Products like milk, biscuits which come pre packed in plastics will be allowed ", in the very second line..


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