No rush for Farm produce at APMC


On Friday a huge rush of farmers, traders and buyers were witnessed at the APMC when it opened for trading after a couple of days.

Farmers, traders, and retailers turned out in very large numbers and hurried to buy vegetables. The social distancing norm was also ignored after which authorities sprung into action.


But on Saturday it was quite a different picture. With very fewer buyers in the morning time up to 2 pm which is allocated for the auction and selling of the produce.

Farmers can sell their produce at a later time after 2 pm. Small buyers have been restricted to enter APMC to buy so as to reduce the rush at the APMC.

The prices of vegetables did skyrocket with some amount of panic buying but today it was a picture as if there were no buyers at all. At least the image says the same.


The administration has made arrangements to sell veggies at the doorstep in all the 58 wards using mobile vans.
This can have a direct impact on the earnings of the farmers who said they can’t even get their transport and they just threw the veggies and went back.

apmc apmc
Photos: D B Patil

Earlier there used to be the small vendors who used to buy veggies and then sell at the local market, but now they have been removed. Yes, those suer markets are open which are seeing a rush, but if those small vendors who have been hit hardly by this lockdown if they too get to sell say for a fixed time at a fixed location it would ease the difficulties of the citizens as well.

The lockdown is here to stay and we are just in the first week of the lockdown, we must stay home and maintain social distance, so a decentralized mechanism of selling essentials must be adopted.



  1. I am surprised
    Nobody is ready to follow the actual practice of 100 percent lockdown nothing should be open except medical shop and clinic, hospitals
    Banks shall deliver cash to home.

  2. Sigh of relief after reading this article. I was concerned like fellow belgaumites after seeing yesterday’s rush on news. Authorities should act fast to deliver all essentials at doorstep. We should hv actual nil people outside for atleast 2 weeks, the incubation period of corona virus. We hv almost lost 1 week already….!!

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