No swab tests of the 900 who came from other states



Around 900 people have come to Belagavi district from Maharashtra and other states and none of them have been tested for COVID-19, they have only been quarantined, reports the Sakal.


The Report further says now 200 swabs will be taken of the people who are pregnant, aged more than 65 and children below 10, and would be tested in the first lot.

The others would be tested only after 12 days of the Quarantine period is over.

Since Monday the swabs have been taken as of Tuesday evening 150 results are awaited.

Karnataka has seen a spike in positive cases over the past week and most of them are interstate travel. 

Karnataka will not allow entry of people from Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Gujarat in the state until May 31, except under inevitable circumstances as there has been a spike in cases with a history of interstate travel. 

As many as 35 persons who had come from Maharashtra skipped the institutional quarantine and directly went home.

The police had a tough time to trace them as they never went to CpEd grounds after they checked at Kognoli check post.

A few addresses were also not true and hence they were traced with their mobile numbers and were sent for institutional quarantine.



  1. Hello Admin,

    I am quarantined at Kumar Swamy layout , Hanuman Nagar Belagavi.

    As I came across the news that after 14th day , we may need to wait another 2-3 days until the swab tests are received. Is it true? and if yes , how can we avoid it? We have been said 14days quarantine. How can we make sure that we go our home on the 14th day?

    Please advise.

  2. Hello
    I am to planning to Come Belgaum from Pune.
    My wife has 7 months pregnant. To maternity treatment in KLE. my native place sulge (u)
    I got update Karnataka govt not allowed maharashtra person.
    Can govt allow us?? & is there any facility (own expense) in Belgaum for quartine?.

    Now E-Pass website also closed.

    Please update me..

    I believe 100% on all Allaboutbelgaum news & information.


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