No winter session in Belgaum


The Karnataka Cabinet in its meeting decided to hold a 10 day winter session in Bangalore itself.

The session would commence from January 6, 2011 and Governor Bharadwaj will address both the houses on day one of the session.

It was being repeatedly said by the Government and the CM that the winter session would be held in Belgaum at the Suvarna Vidhan Soudha.

The building is still under construction and hence this decision might be taken.


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  1. for a 10 day session why do they want Suvarna Vidhan Soudha, it can be held in any other place in belgaum, because of this Suvarna Vidhan Soudha construction the land prices in this region have gone up due to hype, if govt is holding session in bangalore only given some reason or another every year then there is no point in constructing a soudha in belgaum.
    instead they should have used same money for building good road and develop Desur IT park that would have generated employement in belgaum.

    • Fully agree with you Kapil. Employement generation would have been there.
      But when there is employment who will ask any politician?
      Brother, History is evident that, No political party has the sense to think 100% about public welfare when they are in power.
      Most of the Politicians have their own community-Caste and language which is universal–> Corruption.
      Yeh nahi sudrenge ! General public cast votes in anticipation that better days will come.
      But Some politicians in Hindi are known to be "Aisan Faramosh".

    • dude i can understand ur things,, but building a vidhan Soudh is not bad thing,, der is a lot of intentions behind this,,, our poor ppl can see that building who cant travel to b'lore, or some metro to visit such beautiful nd important building,,, buddy its just start now,,, just wait it will take its own speed,,, but v need to fuel it properly,,, even am also worried about IT park, Textile park and industrial park,,, but dont u think v ppl need to help them to solve problems? y we ppl involved in border dispute? it will lead belgaum to go down,,, it will make two parts of belgaum,,, one is maharashtra's belgaum n another is karnataka's bgm,,, den????? do u think they both make it good belgaum? wll developed belgaum? No! so let dem to prove frst belgaum is belgaum (single belgaum) i dont mind whether its der in maharashtra or in karnataka,, it remains indian,,, nd it remains on glob only,,,

      so let my love belgaum to grow,,, thats my intention,, dont break it in two parts,,,, v will be happy nd allready v r happy ( v = kannada n marathi ppl) first close this matter,,, so v can fight for employment,,

      and ya,,, rates r becoming high,, its symptom that belgaum will go high,, vary soon..

  2. None in the government has anything in their skulls. Today they say a thing and tomorrow completely reverse that. Why cant they take inputs from concerned officials before making any comments?


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