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Now Hospitals to register birth/death directly on eJanma portal


10 hospitals have been shortlisted for the easy registration of births and deaths in Belagavi.

The hospitals will have to directly upload the data of the birth and death directly from the hospital. This will prevent delay in getting registered manually by data operators of Belagavi City Corporation (BCC) and the applicants could get birth and death certificates on the same day of application submission.


Currently, the data is manually entered by data operators, which is time-consuming. With the online portal mortality rates and natality rate in the state can be accessed almost instantly by the departments.
All data 2008 onwards has been shifted to the eJanma portal already.

ejanmaAlmost 7-10 days is the waiting period for the issuance of birth and death certificate with this pilot project the process could be streamlined and the issuance period could come down.

Civic body records 22,000 to 24,000 deliveries in a month. Earlier, private maternity homes used to submit records of birth once a month or fortnight. Now it has been brought down to twice a week. A similar system has been adopted for deaths too.


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