Old issue new fire does Belgaum need a break


Maharashtra will be celebrating the golden jubilee of ‘Samuykta Maharashtra’ this year and in the same year some people want a separate Vidharbha. Belgaum border issue was raked up during this Vidharba issue by Shivsena who is opposing the formation of it. And now even the CM Ashok Chavan has come party to it.

Chavan Monday came down heavily upon the Shiv Sena and the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), warning them of action if they pursue their attacks on north Indians in Mumbai. Chavan was against the slogan ‘Mumbai for Marathis’ and said Anyone can live anywhere in India. The constitution guarantees this.

And during the same conference when he was asked about Belgaum, he said Maharashtra would go by the Supreme Court verdict on it. Chavan urged the Karnataka government to safeguard the interests of Marathi speaking people in Belgaum.

Here it seems Chavan is supporting the Marathis in a different state but he is not worried about his own Marathi brothers and sisters in his own state.

The MES has sought permission for a SEEMA PARISHAD to be held on 5th February to the authorities. The convention is being organised so as to make a way for the voice of the Marathi people and the authorities of the ill treatment being given to them. Still permission has not being given for the same and if permission is denied it could ave adverse affects and if given the Kannada activists will protest as it happened last year.

For a Belgaumite words of Mr.Chavan do take up prominent place on the Front page of a news paper but what next. Politicans should become more sensible and stop raking up old issues.

My point for this story at this time is simple, All politicians are having a heated debate over ‘Mumbai for Marathis’ from Rahul Gandhi, Abu Azmi to Mukesh Ambani.

My question to all as a introspection is “Belgaum for *********”. I would say Belgaum for Belgaumites.

We as Belgaumites have a different DNA built in where both Marathi and Kannada go hand in hand. All of us have a Kannada or a Marathi friend and we speak both the languages love each other.

If ‘Mumbai for Marathis’ then “ Belaum for Belgaumites”.

We want peace and development and no bias. For so many decades this issue has eaten up all the space, we need to change this. We should look forward for a BETTER DEVELOPED BELGAUM.

Disclaimer: I am here for better Belgaum


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  1. Great. I have friends speaking Kannada and those speaking Marathi in equal numbers. We have had no problems in communicating. When I was in Belgaum I never experienced “the issue”; only after I read newspapers in Mumbai and Bangalore did I realise that there is supposedly an “issue”. Whu doesn’t maharashtra politicians mind their own business. Mr. CM should know that maximum number of farm suicides take place in his state. He should should focus on that. I think Belgaumite-attitude is necessary to a country like India- love your language respect others. May our tribe prosper 🙂

  2. Very well put!!!!! Actually these regional language issues is not only harming belgaum development but
    also India's development. If you see mumbai, telangana, gorkhaland etc….these all issues are created by
    political parties who are substancially loosing their power. In order to gain power they are following
    simple British principle "Divide and Rule". If they would 've focused in uniting all by organising some
    social programs it would have boosted their power to great heights.
    It's time for all belgaumites to unite and create an example for all of them….

  3. Passage 2:
    Then why didnt maharashtra government agree for this? was Mahajan not a person from supreme court? or was the four members committee formed to resolve the border issue was not from supreme court? If maharashtra would have agreed to this then today all would have lived in peace, taking nippani n khanapur out of karnataka as well as adding up the big cities like Solhapur, Jatt , akkalkot to Compensate the loss to Karnataka,But they Didnt

    Because maharashtra dont want to loose , they wanna just owe everything, one day they may wish to rule whole India and make Marathi as national language as what they are trying to do it in Mumbai.

    Finally i can say whoever the Belagumite is may be a Marathi or a Kannadiga we are happy as we are. Please goverment bodies dont interfear in this matter to spoil our peaceful living in Belgaum.

    What say Belgaumites?

  4. Good words Uday
    Passage 1:
    I am not understanding these maharashtrian politicians, as per stated above chavan says that he (mahanrashtra) would go according to the supreme court verdict then whats their problem in accepting the "MAHANJAN REPORT"? . (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgaum_border_dispu

    When mahajan report was announced, it clearly said that ,
    1) Belgaum to continue in Karnataka
    2) Around 247 villages/places including Jatta, Akkalakote, Sholapur to be part of Karnataka
    3) Around 264 villages/places including Nandagad, Nippani Khanapur to be part of Maharastra
    4) Kasaragod (of Kerala) to be part of Karnataka

  5. yeah that's true being kannada guy i got many marthi friends wen we people of belgaum don't have any problem what's problem wid politicians we need Change we need development not a border Dispute in ma city please i request all politicians Let My Green city Live in Peace

  6. Well Said argument worth digestable, I wish both MES and KRV read all this , but sure they would son hold their belly in pain


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