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One day baby girl abandoned


The inmates of Aadhar an orphanage were surprised to get a cute little guest at their door. They found a one day baby girl child abandoned at their door. The note with the child mentioned that she is a Illegitimate child.

Child with the inmates of Aadhar

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The girl was in healthy condition and was referred to a doctor who said that the child is fine and healthy. The child is very cute and did not cry the whole day but responded to every smile around. Later, the police was informed about the same and at this moment the child is at the child care center at the district hospital.




      AADHAR….home for homeless.
      H.No 792/1,Opp Govt Kannada School,
      Siddeshwar Nagar,Kanabargi,
      Belgaum Karnataka – 590015.

  1. Its horrifying how can the parent do this to their so called legitimate child
    let God give them strength & power to face the world Pray they wont repeat this in future

  2. How can any women drop a part of her life as this? its so bad to see such things. The baby is getting punished for her parents misdeeds and nothing else.

  3. Mi staked, How cum the mother left child in the door step, but she left @ the right door. Best ever it has taken place with new age of life, thank for accepting the cute little one. aadhar is the right place for baby, life long really long.

  4. Its so sad ~ a lady who spent complete 9 months with that baby in her womb, abandoned her just fearing the world ! I am happy baby is not in wrong hands of aadhar ! What values she could have got from that so called mother any ways ?…..

  5. The women who abandoned the child is a real coward, how could she leave a child after carrying for 9mts, people should try n locate the lady n give her guidence to punish the man who is cause for this.
    very cute baby, any childless couple should adopt this child and give her a wonderful life.
    God bless this child.

    • u r rite bro….. childless couple cn contact to AADHAR…… n try catchin tht bloody f—er n the b–ch…….

      • How cute the baby is I wonder how come a mother has simply abandoned one day baby? or What situation she could have gone through which made her leave that child in such way??? God bless that child.


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