Over 900 HTV go to Goa via NH4A


After the district administration failed to implement the Ban on Heavy vehicles within city limits even for a limited time, now the Traffic department has conducted a survey at various points to know the exact amount of traffic of vehicles using the NH4A.

truck ban belagaviAccording to sources about 900+ vehicles were counted on each side coming towards Belagavi and leaving from Belagavi in a span of 24 hours.

Now the amount of heavy traffic plying on this road is huge and hence even if the ban on HTV is implemented there would be chaos on the highway as one side of the road would be blocked as there is no arrangement for parking.
This is the main reason why the Ban was not effectively implemented.

Now the traffic department will make a plan on the basis of this survey and also an alternate route is being suggested for HTV to use to reach NH4A at Khanapur which is MK Hubli – Itagi Cross to Khanapur. But the said road is very small and now first it will have to be widened and then some amount of HTV traffic can be diverted on the route.



  1. Bypass is best option from Piranwadi to Halaga. Its already proposed but delayed. dont know whats the reason behind this.


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