Pass system for movement in Belagavi for employees of exempted businesses



A ‘pass system’ has been envisaged to regulate the movement of people in Belagavi.


A meeting was held today in which it was decided that the Corporation in association with the police would issue passes to delivery agents of food aggregator services, online pharmaceutical companies, e-Commerce platforms and also the employees of the restaurants which have been allowed to give parcel service.

This pass would ease the travel restriction on them and hence also allow smooth movement of them to deliver goods.

Grocery stores can stay open from 8 AM to 10 PM but they will have to use social distancing and now crowds should be entertained at one go.

police-stop-bike curfew As on date very few restaurants are operational and offering parcel service, from tomorrow after the passes are issued there could be some more who would be offering the parcel service.

Jagdish KH commissioner of city corporation urged that people will be allowed to come out and buy the essentials but they should not rush and shops will be kept open . Each one on their own must maintain social distancing and help stop the spread of the virus.

Citizens also have to understand the gravity of the situation and act. One person from the family can come out and shop the essentials and that would be better if they can buy the same from a close distance where they can go walking.

Stay Home and Stay Safe.



  1. I wish to file an FIR against Police harassment at RPD Cross. As per the government instructions, IT personnel are allowed to visit customers to fix issues. I was in the Bishop’s House enabling Live Streaming of the Prayers on Youtube. Your officers did not ask any questions and when I volunteered information they did not accept my answer. They hit my bike and my bag which contained my laptop, possibly damaging the internals. I cannot leave the house to file an FIR because it has to be registered with the Tilakwadi Police station and I cannot cross RPD road. I could not get the names or numbers of the police.

    This is the message I sent to the Police. No reponse.

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