Passengers cry hoarse over bus fare hike by Private operators


Private bus operators are once again illegally minting money from the people heading home for Ganesh Festival in Mid September.
The bus rates currently are almost 100 to 150 per cent more than regular rates. A regular AC sleeper ticket to Bengaluru which was 850 is now selling at 1650.
As there is a long waiting list on trains, commuters only have the option of private buses which always encash such situations. On Regular days a ticket to Mumbai would cost 850 – 900 is now being sold at 1850 – 2200.

Taking the undue advantage of the festive and vacation seasons the private bus operators hike the ticket fare exorbitantly. This is a kind of practice to rip off the common people of their hard earned money by taking disadvantage of the fact that they want to travel home. What surprises me is the tacit agreement of the government in such loot by not taking a proactive step to stop such practices.

The travel companies take disadvantage of the fact that people have no better option and hence can be exploited by hiking the bus fare and charge the passengers unreasonably. The passengers have been facing this problem for many years and the private travellers are robbing the passengers.

There are regulatory authorities appointed to moior various mass utility services. The Public Road Transport has become a mass utility service now.  And the Respondent is demanding some regulation to be imposed on the private bus operators regarding charging fares from common people.

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  1. Travel people are lotting money in name of bussiness.
    we should put a case against these travel in court.otherwise next year also we will definately suffer.


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