People claim ownership of land with grave in Laxmi Market


Source: The Hindu
A fresh controversy has erupted over the surfacing of a grave in Laxmi Market off Khanjar Galli after the demolition of a Hubballi Electricity Supply Company bill collecting centre there one-and-a-half-months ago.

grave-laxmi-marketGouse Nabishah Makandar Malang Fakeer, a resident of Chikli of Kagal of Kolhapur district in Maharashtra, had claimed ownership of the site forcing the Belagavi City Corporation to leave the construction of a parking area incomplete.

On Tuesday, his General Power of Attorney holder Z.M. Hukkeri; former president of the District Wakf Advisory Committee, I.A. Mulla; president of the District Muslim Education and Welfare Society, Iqbal Peerzade; and social activist Samad Khanapuri submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister through the office of the tahsildar, urging the government against taking any hasty decision on removing the grave.

They sought some time to establish the ownership rights of Mr. Gouse.

They said they had revenue documents to prove the ownership of the property that was inherited by Mr. Gouse and his brother Dada Shah Makandar Malang Fakeer, who had claimed ownership of the site by a public notice on January 13, 1996.

Though the corporation claimed that it had purchased the property from Hussain Shah Faizulla Shah Nabishah, it has failed to produce any documentary proof in support of its claim.

Also, as per the a resolution passed by the corporation council on November 1, 2003, a compromise proposal was evolved as per which 25 guntas of land would be given in favour of the corporation and 6 guntas in favour of Mr. Gouse.

Yet, the corporation neither implemented the proposal nor produced any document to prove its claim on the land and wanted possession of the site, Mr. Hukkeri said.


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  1. If i go and keep a stone and put some flowers on it all will believe its a sacred stone. So we can also claim that the land belongs to hindus. Its as shown in pk. Some idiots do it and all others follow. Belgaum needs to develop. All this kind of bullshit should not come inthe way. If its sacred grave tell some one to claim it and keep it in their house. Politicians also find vote bank in such matters.


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