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Petrol Theft from bikes on the rise


If you find your full petrol tank of your bike has gone empty, don’t be surprised as the new trend crime-petrol theft from bikes is raising its ugly face in Belagavi.petrol-stolen belagavi

A similar case was reported and a person was caught red handed in the court premises. On Tuesday Night, Praveen Pialankar said that petrol was stolen from his bike which was parked in Melge Galli Shahpur.


With no street lights working the job for the petrol thieves is easy, Pilankar said. As the number of incidents of petrol being stolen from the parked motorbikes is rising these days in the city, motorists are now seen driving their bikes in neutral to petrol bunks to fill the petrol. 

Rise in the prices of fuel appeared to be a driving force behind the miscreants to target bikes in the city to steal the petrol. Motorbikes have now been easy target of miscreant to take away the petrol. Miscreants are stealing petrol by cutting through the fuel lines of bikes. Bikes parked in parking lots and in residential areas are being targeted by the miscreants. 


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