Pity on Belgaum


Yesterday CM Yedurappa acclaimed that he would work towards getting a Second capital status to Belgaum, when he was here for a visit. Yeddyurappa also said most of the government offices working in the city would be shifted to the Soudha once its construction was over.

The first announcement in this regard was made during the legislature session in Belgaum in Sept 2006.


This piece of news was nothing new or dramatic as he has been saying the same for year now, but nothing has happened on ground.

And as it had to happen the Maharashtra MLAs and political parties have criticized this act f BSY of making Belgaum the second capital.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan said Yeddyurappa was speaking out of turn. “The Maharashtra government’s plea to have Belgaum and Karwar as part of the state is pending before the Supreme Court,” he said.

NCP leader and Deputy Chief Minister Chhagan Bhujbal said, “The statement is uncalled for and we will seek legal recourse on the issue.”

Sena leader Diwakar Raote said his party would oppose any attempt by the Karnataka government to impose its mandate on lakhs of Marathi-speaking people there (Belgaum).
My question is to the Belgaumites, Leave those politicians behind they have to survive (both sides) and cook something but we should think on these questions:

What difference will it make after Belgaum is given Second capital status?

Will this status resume Air connectivity?

Will we get 24 hour power supply?

Will there be development in a planned manner with the involvement of the citizens?

And many such more questions will arise in due course.
What Belgaum city needs is not talks but action. We have received 100 crore grant and we will get another 100 crore but is that money being utlised for the betterment of the public. Still no major works taken up under the special grant are complete( major works Mahatma Phule road, angol road, Old P B Road).

I am sure this will get more comments but no one coments of stories of human interest .



  1. Being a very very old past resident of Belgavi(Belgaum) (of the erstwhile Bombay Presidency) of the 1940’s to1950 era, Belgavi primarily being a Military establishment, I felt there was not much scope for Belgavi to be developed. Thus it was a small type of a town to call it only it excelled as a Educational centre and ideal climatic conditions. However, since I left Belgavi before the re-organisation of the States of our India in 1960, the merger issue into Karnataka or Maharashtra of this city of Belgavi still hangs in the AIR. So for want of proper & Adequate Industries and Urbanisation – the local citizens are the worst sufferers.( The Rich are becoming richer and the Poor people are left wanting !!!!) PITY ON BELGAVI (BELGAUM)——

  2. Why not rename Maharashtra and Karnataka as Belgaum state? Two states become one superstate.Kannadiga and Marathas can be equally comfortable then.Belgaum will be the capital of Belgaum state.The language will be part kannada,part marathi, part hindi ,part english and part konkani, since Goa can be added to Belgaum state too.Problem solved.

  3. Think of newyork, london, singapore, etc. etc. Belgaum is in karnataka. don't disturb. solapur is in maharashtra. kasargod is in kerala. don' disturb. see that you grow with and beyond world. silly quarrels are to benefit the silly leaders.

  4. I somehow feel Belgaum should be made a Union territory maybe that will solve all the problems. I am a Kannadiga, i love speaking Marathi .. I have a lot of frens who are Marathas. All are working hard and progressing. Our city Belgaum(neither Belgaon nor Belgavi) has the potential to grow as a unique prosposition. If all the citizens of Belgaum concentrate on issues like productivity, entrepreneurship and sustainibility, we can reach a magical destination. It pains me , to see ppl discussing uncessary topics like wheather Belgaum should be in X or Y state. Ours is a proud place, where we are multilingual due which we have an advantage of working in any of atates X or Y , we have such great educational culture, musical and traditional practices which are mixed with the pleasant fusions of new trens malls, eateries which are so special like Shetty's, Niyaz, Himalaya, UB, Ajanta and so on ….Am now working in B'lore, where everything is saturated ! And feel so pained that i am not in the happening place Belgaum.. Guys n gals letz crap the shit and keep maoving towards progress and towards achievement .. Lets make Bgm a global destination. Kudos the effort of allaboutbelgaum n Uday !!Grt going guys..

  5. All talking Talks, No one's really walking the Walks.

    Sad! Politics means nothing for an individual, but even then, it affects the entire region. I remember how nicely the people of Belgaum lived back then — the the politicians from all sides (no exceptions) began to grow hatred among people and destroyed the Peace of Belgaum.

    Second Capital!??? In what way? See the RPD Road going towards the colleges? The road, trees, buildings, and the beauty is rooted out inhumanly in the name of building better road… after lots of months, there is still no road. Whatever is called a road now is not even fit to be walked by demons, leave lone humans… Same everywhere… So what development these guys are talking about? Belgaum means nothing to them except a means to make themselves more rich…

    My plea to them is try to restore Belgaum of those times where people really lived like loving brothers and sister, and then… simply get out of here. We all know the reasons to make this a second Capital. Just try to take of the 1st capital, btw.

  6. Belgaon (बेळगांव) Maharashtra chech nahi konachya bapa che.. I just want to ask some people who say belgaum is karnataka's. I just want to ask them, if Belgaum was karnataka's then its obvious that the area names in belgaum would have been Kannada. and Not Tilakwadi and hindwadi nanawadi, Savgaon kakti Hindalga, Gojge, Sulga, turmuri Etc, these are just a few examples of the Marathi names of the places in belgaum, i haven't mentioned the gallies they are countless. Now tell me if Belgaum was karnataka's then how come all places are Marathi.. This clearly tells that belgaon बेळगांव is a integral part of MAHARASHTRA. Noone can deny that

    • Mr. Pawaskar……… Please let me know if GUDGAON near Delhi,AMBAWADI in Gujrat belongs to Maharashtra…………..

      If only GAON or Wadi beeing the main reason then please let M’tra government to aquire all the places in INDIA which ends with the same………

      Think practical………

      • Gujarati, Hindi and marathi are having similar pattern of words to name a Village or town. And i can say that because i know to speak Gujarati and marathi.. Thats why u can find GUDGAON and AMBAWADI, But kannad has names hatti , ooru, Sandra etc. I hope u understand what i am saying….Never mind of the name of the places. But what about the wish of the people. More than 80% people want belgaum in Maharashtra…And in an Democratic country you cant go against the people's wish…….. AND I AM PRACTICAL

        • Going by the same thoery should kashmir be handed over to Pakistan????? Y hell bent on changing demographics after 60 yrs of independence, instead just develop city as the way they are now.. cos no more wil the states be redivided or new boundaries be drawn.. its just impossible. "Belgaum is a cosmopolitan city, & its in Karnataka" .. lets drill this point in the mind & fight for the development..
          Seriously, So many indians/Chinese stay in new-york/Chicago, so many tamilians in bangalore, so many gujjus in mumbai, so many up,biharis in delhi etc.
          the best & easiest thing to do for u is you can migrate to Maharashtra & see the prosperous place like the way u want..
          & fyi am also a marathi guy who stayed in belgaum now moved to blore.

          • hello everybody going through all the comments (my friends Mr.Kamble,Mr.Pawaskar and Harshad)all of you please don’t mistake me i want to say something say you are put up in a place like orrisa or some place in tamil nadu you don’t know the language or don’t have friends n you meet a person from belgaum/belagavi/belgaon irrespective of his mother tongue you will be happy to speak to him why because of one common thing “Belgaum” finally i want to say lets give something to the society some development rather than issues like these i hope smart people like you get along with the same aggression n enthusiasm for the development of Belgaum REMEMBER AS A TEAM

      • hey man chill in kannada itz called "halli" n not gaon ok so wht mr kapil has said makes sense n is practical,

        but still need to say the way to took this matter cause for your kind information during formation of states it was on linguistic basis tht states were divided n no doubt that 80% population was Marathi peoples, so brush ur brains bro u are being way yyyyyyyyyyyyyy practical here which is not required.

        Just some brush ups , after independecen belgaun was the second capital of karnataka why there were no devopments since? have u seen hopless hubli n other cities, i dont have any pro to be in karnatke or maharashtra just dont want it to be treated to be like a third party.

        u all are the brains of belgaum youth of belgaum can make som hard changes dont mees up your self in these political games n dont finght over karnataka n maharashtra think abt belgaum think big n think abt India.

        stop planin this galz fight frnds ur educated try to understand the basics n really think pratically ….

    • hello sir i would like to tell something about the original names of the villages which now are under the influence of the marathi when belgaum was under the maratha regime the rulers sent as many as people and and army to capture the lands here and the people who came then didnt return and they stayed here forever for example the names of the villages like Sambra once it was SAMBARGI , Honaga it was HONNANGI, Agasaga It was AGASAGI, Bambarga was BAMBARGI these are just few examples i have many more to tell but originally i want to say is Belagavi Or Venugrama is a kannada name and i have given some examples of the kannada names for the present marathi names and Belagavi is the integral part of karnataka and i dont want to hurt the sentiments of the fellow marathis and i just want to say is why are we fighting for kannada or marathi we live in one city and we must thrive for the development of the city if the people of the city once are united then the border issue can be permanently solved lets say no to jai karnataka or jai maharashtra lets say jai Belagavi for kannadigas and jai Belgaum for the marathas .

    • The names of places in the Maharashtra language were mainly Kannada names. Kenduru is a place with a pure Kannada name near Pune. Further, Thana, Kulaba and Ratnagiri – which are Marathi districts – are full of villages with Kannada names. For example: Poyanadu, Shirola, Kallamatha, Devarakoppa, Akkalakoppa, Ulavi, Attigere, Mosale, Neruru, Pale, Devuru, Doni, Nirgade, Kanakavalli, Brahmanala, Ganagapura, Kuradivadi, Kalasa are villages in Maharashtra! Shri Rajawade, a prominent historian of Maharashtra recently admitted that more than half the names of places in Maharashtra are in Kannada!

      So maharastra should be in karnataka?

    • Marathi is existing only since 400 years. kannada is as old as Sanskrit. Only in the time of British Maratha came into existence to kannada place. Even Shivaji, why went on war on Kannada places if you think that these places were integral part of maharashtra? In fact he was defeated by Brave Rani of belawadi, Mallamma. Without knowing the history, just uttering the Jai Shivaji, nothing will hide the history(the dog utters daily and goes to sleeep) Bapa kay, Thyacha bapa cha naahi.
      Jai Kannadambe…

  7. hi jt_54321 & depak…m manoj…actually this is a comment on article "Karnataka makes a pitch for Hero Honda plant at Hubli Dharwad Is Belgaum in Maharashtra" .i hav posted there also thought of posting ithere so…… ya i totally agree with u guys…the govt should promote H-D-Belgaum…not mere H-D or Belgaum…there r many developments in both these cities but i don agree that belgaum has been deceived,the VTU, now another University,foundary park,DEFENCE SECTOR,iNDO-TiBETAN regiment,one of d biggest n 1st Areo SEZ by Quest,textile parks n many more…if they r establishing hero honda in H-D it wil only push d growth of foundary industries in belgaum…d growth wil only come when v learn to collaborate…n who is that SUJAY i don u make no sense by telling that VTU is of no use…u don no d value n importance it has al through d country…n i totally disagree with d person who has put this article that belgaum is in maha..?u didn praise d govt when they brougt many projects..u didn get hero honda dosen mean that u r neglected…to be candid infact wat i think is H-D should hav got more funds compared to its area n size..but the govt didn make any distinction b/w H-D n Belgaum while allocating funds…y don u hail such issues…man i tel u TOO MUCH IS TOO BAD….ya H-D-Belgaum needs more n more attention…look at mysore its growing so fast n also manglore…its coz of the negligence of ppl n also of representatives of N.K…that these cities r neglected…instead of figthing among ourselfs n writing such irresponsible article..v should unite n ask our dues n credits which these cities deserve badly…..

  8. Hi Uday,

    This comment is not related to the topic.

    As we all know many trees are being cut everyday for road widening in Belgaum. Development has to take place as it is very much required. At the same time we need to maintain greenery in Belgaum. Can we have a “Belgaum Green” initiative and as part of which we will plant trees (different varieties) in the month of June (Monso0n)?

    We need make sure that we plant trees not adjacent to roads as we might have to cut them after some years. Planting of trees should be well planned so that we do not need to cut them in the future.

    Let me know your thoughts on the same.


  9. Hang on,all the mahat's, nagesh's ,
    You mean you want to make Belgaum, second Bangalore,,, We have seen the development of Bangalore. My favourite city in Chilhoood days. Now all Madras people there. No proper roads , useless international airport. Mind you there were very good heavy industries, but no help from the Govt for development.Now this is Bangalore.
    Take Kolhapur,
    Daily flights, Excellent coditions for doing business, no power shortage, excellent roads. Excellent hotels, Excellent Cars.( if you want see the best cars get down to Kolhpur)

    I want Belgaum like Kolhapur, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nashik , Amravati ( some excellent well develoed cities).

    In Karnataka,
    Hubli ( why don't they make this as second capital?)…… I won't say anything on Dharwad ( i love Dharwad, ). Hubli is under developed
    Davangiri under devlopped, Mysore ( not like Pune?)
    Have I left out any cities? thats it handful of cities in Karnataka.
    As of Farmers, wel Maharastra is well advanced in Farming no question

    I want Belgaum like one of Maharstrain cities, where we have Kannad, Marathi, Tamil, all people living together and flourishing

        • I think you have done a great thing first time in your life by leaving belagavi ,,,,,,, be happy no bp…. thanks for your concern…… dont worry… we are here to to take care of belagavi……

          With Best Regards,


          • Thank you Nagesh,
            I think I better not invest in Belgaum ( even though good skillsets), but hopeless social situation.
            Take care of Belgaum for me, atleast make sure you do not make a mess of it.
            As for can I speak Kannada as questioned above( Well I can still recite "Bharata janani tanujate, jai he karnatka Mate" after nearly 20 years even being a marathi)
            Good Luck

          • Dear Jimmy

            It’s only People Like you who makes us to feel proud Belgaumite,,,

            Dont loose your heart. Be with us.

          • Hmmm… Jimmy

            Really impressive……. keep up the good work…… These lines definately make change in the minds of people who are leaving here as marathi but likes kannada and karnataka,,,,,,Then we are going to see a beautifull, peacefull belagavi city…..

            Hats off to you dude……..


    • Dear Mr Jimy,
      Maharastra is advansed in farming , You are joking man to say farming is advanced , See the conditions of Vidharbh farmers where no single day passes without bad news of a farmer ……If you see the farming of Krishna river belt area to advance your argument , then farmers are advanced and they are in both states( Mah & Kar).

  10. Good to see such discussion on this forum. From the discussion one thing is clear we all need the development and off course the point of view may be differ as Belgaum is cosmopolitan city in entire North Karnataka or only one after Bangalore.

    Second capital tag: I am very happy when Karnataka govt announced Belgaum as Second capital but at the same time I am very sad to see it is not looked as second capital but looked as “Political Aadda” . Since the elections how many times CM visited Belgaum and how many projects sanctioned for belgaum and how many implemented. I heard this news (Belgaum As a second capital of Karnataka) 2 years back but I do not see any developmental works done by govt . I know development cannot happen in one or two days but it should not take years to complete. Today if you see the 100 crore project works then I think it will take another 2 years to complete. There are some projects already in progress for years now but nobody comment on those and no promise given by these “Babus” when they will be completed. There is no proper marketing done by Karnataka govt to Bring some MNC’s to Belgaum or not seems to be interested to bring some other industry in belgaum (Automobile, mechanic etc)

    Nobody knows what happening with Belgaum IT Park, International cricket ground, Power plants, Ring road, Hi-tech City Bus stand etc.

    As Sundeep said “Calling oneself as King doesn't mean one is a king” they should have concentrated on these projects. Do your good work and success will automatically follow you.

    We see recent few developments because we are raising our voice. If nobody raises their voice then no developments will happen and we will end up with contributing to corruption in our country.

    Janata tho Jagruke ho rahi hai par yea “Babu moshai” kab jagruth honge…?

  11. Seems Mr. Chief Minister is now serious on developmental issues related to our sweet little town.
    Time will only tell whether or honourable CM is interested in Development of our City or his vote bank.
    But only making Belgaum as a Second Capital will not suffice there are various issues to be taken care as well else common people will keep on debating and some corrupt Babus may fill their pockets.

    Guys one thing,
    Our Honourable Chief Minister will be as a CM for his 5 year term or at the most for another 5 more years.
    But the permanent residents are the past and present and future citizens of Belgaum.

    I remember a line from a poem the Brooke " Men may come and men may go but the brook goes on forever"
    same way CMs & politicians may come and go but the real development of our city matters to its residents who live here ( Whichever Language or Religion they many belong) and who also suffer a lot for lack of developmental activities.

    Disclaimer : Some gentlemen readers should not mis understand my comment in any other sense because in my humble opinion it is a PURELY for WELFARE of our Sweet Home town.

      • Why do u say that?
        I am always in support of development and Welfare.
        As is evident from my comments etc in the past. Don't mind Mr.Adgaocar but, if you could carefully go through my comments etc then you will get to know my ideas which is actually a representation of what every responsible citizen of our Sweet little home town expects.

  12. Its a great news…!
    I whole heartedly welcome the decison of our chief minister to make Belgaum, the second capital….
    it will definitely benefit our city in the long run…….!

  13. 1) Basically its true karnataka govt is saying this since year that belgaum will gonna be a second capital of karnataka well but belgaum people already accepted that its a second capital for karnataka if this tag is not given by governtment officially than i guess MES should start back there Nautankiis!!! so our karnataka govt shud become more serious on Belgaum

    2) Benefits I Can say , Belgaum wil get Improved in all the manner either its infrastructure wise, transportation wise, industrial wise and entertainment wise, as many companys like infosys , wipro , tata, reliance have been constantly an eye on belgaum , because of the dispute these people are not investing their money over here. so m sure belgaum will get recognize much more than what it is now and standard of leaving in belgaum will be much more higher but the cost of leaving will be too expensive for a common man.

    3) MES dont try to give those bull shit dhamkis,,,, do file, anything man ,,, Belgaum Belongs to Karnataka i wont say kannadigas,,,,, its for all marathas, kannadigas, sikhs, everybodys,,,, thats what belgaum is all about,,,,,,,

  14. dear sir
    please look mr modi as cm how the developments are taking place in gujarat. we all are looking
    to BJP govt for development in karanataka not the second capital.

  15. I feel Uday should not post what maharashtra Politicians said about Karnataka's internal matter. We never elected them so I do not think we should even lend our ears to what they say. When Yeddiyurappa says something it will impact us and it matters to us. We have elected him as our CM so our focus should be on What Karanataka plotician say and not Maharastra Politician say about Belgaum.

    Take it from me status quo will be maintained for many generations to come so it is better for all of us to focus on development.

    I request all the people to stop blaming Govt. We can only talk, blog but we can never act. People need to do introspection befiore commenting on something.

  16. First of all thanks to Mr. Yeddyurappa for considering " Official Second Capital" status to Belgaum. Belgaum has suffered in the past due to this "border dispute", the same dispute is transforming into a boon now. Sure, there are going to be benefits if the city is made second capital. Why do think that winter sessions of Legislature will be conducted in a has-nothing place? Infrastructure like roads, sewage lines, power and city beautification will be in place. Air connectivity will be obvious. Development with the involvement of citizens is an issue of the entire country and not unique to Belgaum- for this some central and state policies should change. The slow pace of work is again not restricted to Belgaum. Guys, it is a red letter day for Belgaum and Belgaumites. Belgaum will a great image and as for development not just Belgaum but the whole of north Karnataka will be a much better place that what it would have been if Belgaum were not "Second Capital".

  17. Uday,

    "Hence forth AAB may not cover some topics which might be related to language bias and if reported will not have comments enabled so that the Blog remains a new Belgaumite who wants development may it be from anyone"
    Seriously, this is very much appreciated. I have seen ppl literally fighting with each other, Swords being turned into comments here.


  18. This is pure political move.. This news will float for some days and later no one will ever bother to speak about it..

  19. Am trying to understand the jist of this article. Is the author complaining that Belgaum is being made a second capital? Hello! that is a cause for celebration and I as someone who spent 17 yrs in that beautiful town could never have had a better piece of news to cherish those memories. Was in Belgaum last Dec and what a pitiful sight it was of the public infrastructure. Nothing seemed to have changed since my last visit over 4 yrs back and I was considering that Belgaum was loosing out in the development battle. Such a place of potential and what a sorry sight it was.

    Making Belgaum the 2nd capital will ensure that more and more people visit the place. More visitors means more business for the locals. More business means prosperity and more development. So what the CM Yeddyurappa is doing is basically making Belgaum a hub for development and prosperity. Do we then have a reason to complain!! Belgaum has been caught out in this Maharastra vs Karnataka battle for decades and that has stifled the growth of the region. We have a CM who is taking a keen interest in developing the region and investing in the welfare of the people and I feel we should lend our whole hearted support to him in this effort and set aside any regionalistic biases and work for unity and development of the land.

    So my dear friend, who-ever you are, please consider the same.


    – Rohit

  20. really pity on Belgaum uday

    After so long time we are getting some benefits and some growth to the city and maharashtra again wants to disturb the same. of course as sandeep said the city will definetaly be benefited if it is announced as second capital. n as u say if granted money is not utilised properly then its administration problem of the city as usual indian politics does. we must fight for it united. everything never happens symeltaneously , we must go step by step.

    I am very happy with second capital announcement to Belgaum..
    Keep the good work Yadiyurappa…

    • I had guessed this and also had made a point in the post itself. People comment more on a story related to Kannada or Marathi rather what one will get from if this happens or this should not be done.
      We all will die discussing on this.
      I appreciate all the commentors here as all have their own view, then why are you criticizing AAB.
      This is was a bit of news i gave it as bit of news with some view points from my side and any Belgaumite.
      If BGM is declared a second Capital why shouldnt I be Happy, after all people will know about that and thats why I am here.
      BGM has become such a place where u say anything, it is always first seen with the filters of Kannada or Marathi.
      Stop all this. The matter is there in the supreme court and will be there for another 10 years for sure. All politicians have to run their business and hence they will keep on throwing stones on each other, we should realize this after 50 years atleast.
      Hence forth AAB may not cover some topics which might be related to language bias and if reported will not have comments enabled so that the Blog remains a new Belgaumite who wants development may it be from anyone.
      if wrong is wrong it has to be wrong, Marathi or Kannada bias can make it right.

      • From the article its clearly evident that the author seems to not happy with the Belgaum being declared second capital. Unfortunately due to such atittudes of the people in our city, we haven't been able to develop. I really don't understand why is author so pessimistic !!!

        Declaring the Belgaum as the second capital defintely has advantages. It would put Belgaum on the national map. More funds being alloted, Development, Infrastructure, more important offices being set up, zonal/nodal centers etc…

        Overall it's defintely a good development. People rather than debateing and being pessimistic. Should see how we can next follow up on it….ie. If the govt has declared it as the second captial then we need to demand and ensure that it truely gets its status and grows on the lines of Bengaluru.

        Dear AAB frenz be optimistic and work for it….juz sitting and writting here wont work !

      • Dear Sir,
        very well said I was expecting this, sir all commentors are using this blog as fight blog for language issues, Pls its an request to all the readers pls dont misuse this blog and dont force the AAB to stop this site, as it is only place to those who stays far away from home town can get some good news about our beautiful city.
        For Uday sir its request dont disable the comments pls,

      • i welcome your decision… Good
        Dont cover any matter now onwords which can create virtual fight in this blog on Language base.

        Thank you

  21. Dear Admin,

    If Belgaum is declared as second capital officially(Already all people think it as second capital)it will be even more recognised city in India…Also second capital status means,it will be getting all the benefits as like bangalore…

    My question is what is the harm if the belgaum is declared as second capital….Its a good status only know…I think we should be proud of that…

    • Calling oneself as King doesn't mean one is a king. He / she should have that qualities and the necessary qualities to be a king. Else you should have inherited from your forefathers.
      Same case with Belgaum. Just naming it as the second capital need not make it a second capital until and unless the necessary facilities required for a capital city are given to it.
      Everyone will definitely be happy with the second capital tag but when one enters belgaum you should feel that you in the second capital of karnataka.
      Belgaum has only been treated as second capital but it has never looked like it is the second capital.
      Mr. Sandeep, we all have feelings towards our city, but reality cannot be hidden.

      • Mr Sundeep have patience….It takes time to look as second capital…How can u expect the developments in 2-3 years which was not happened in 25 years….Although you can still see the difference between the developments happened in last 25-30 years and from past 3-4 years…

        • Yes I completely agree with you. What I am trying to say is that lets not hide the fact that the development has been slow. Even now though projects are coming, out of 10 projects or equivalent investment, only one or none comes to the city and rest is all going to the neighbouring cities. I am not jealous of any city … but my only wish is that Belgaum should get what it deserves since decades.

          • In neighbouring cities they have got political leaders very strong who fight for their citi's developments…Unfortunately we dont have any leader like that till now who fight for anything and has good wrapo with all the ministers…

      • Sandeep

        One question for you.. have you roamed all around the Karnataka ? Bengalooru being a capital is a big n beatiful city and next Mysore a historical place of Karnataka, is there any other city than these two is as good,bold,Beutiful and developed as Belgaum ? Just check and the answer will always be 'NO'. Its eligible to become Second Capital of Karnataka. and if you are unaware of its qualities then you are not a true Belgaumite.
        Belgaum is not calling itself as a Second capital. the whole Karnataka urges for it. it Deserves the honuor. If you r still expecting some developments that will definetaly be happen once it get the tag. please be united to get this opportunity to get a second capital tag and then observe the developments ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        Jai BELGAUM

          • If you know better than me, name them, put forth the clear data, I always welcome it from you.

          • " …. One question for you.. have you roamed all around the Karnataka ? Bengalooru being a capital is a big n beatiful city and next Mysore a historical place of Karnataka, is there any other city than these two is as good,bold,Beutiful and developed as Belgaum ? .. "

            Mahant, Beauty of the city is concerned, yes Belgaum is comparable to any city for that matter. But, for your statement that Belgaum is developed, I donot agree. Developing … yes it is.

            " … Just check and the answer will always be 'NO'. Its eligible to become Second Capital of Karnataka. … "

            Yes it is eligible for being a second capital. But, before it was thought of being made as the second capital, just recall or recap your memory as to why it was named. Was it because it was eligible, or because it was necessary at that point of time? … Belgaum is among the largest and the most industrialised cities in the state. But was it being utilised. it is still the same as it was earlier.

            " … and if you are unaware of its qualities then you are not a true Belgaumite. .. "

            I am very well aware of its qualities .. and i guess what do you mean by saying true Belgaumite. Nobody needs to prove it to anybody. Neither i need to.

            " …. Belgaum is not calling itself as a Second capital. the whole Karnataka urges for it. it Deserves the honuor. If you r still expecting some developments that will definetaly be happen once it get the tag. please be united to get this opportunity to get a second capital tag and then observe the developments ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "

            – please read my earlier comments carefully. please fall under the trap of the politicians. I commented this earlier as well.

          • u r funny sandeep…
            In above conversation u mention as "Yes it is eligible for being a second capital" then why you have written against it in your first conversation ? stick to a word you speak, dont change it again n again according to the situations. what here we need is a judgement not argument.
            Just imagine the day when Belgaum will be declared as a second capital. funds,facilities will flood like anything to the city for its development . of course some politicians may mis use it, but we got to be united to fight against all those scams.

          • This may clarify you Mahant. Hope you have read this. It depends on how one interprets it.
            " …. Just naming it as the second capital need not make it a second capital until and unless the necessary facilities required for a capital city are given to it. …. "

            I Know what i speak Mahant. And still stand on what i said.

          • You mean to say… all other capitals of different states in this country were first built with all facilities and then made that state’s capital , am I right ?
            If it is so then all those cities now shouldn’t grow further… because all the facilities they had earlier itself, correct ?
            what an Idea sir ji…..! tussssss….

          • Mr. Mahant you are not making sense. It looks you are here to pull everybody down and not discuss. Be sensible and grow up.

          • Please read again. Refer any English dictionary or grammar book or ask any English teacher the meaning of all the comments here and then probably you can reply. Good luck in future Mahant.

          • Mahant / Sandeep,

            Lets meet in NASA pub tonite and you can continue with the Debate.

            and if you want Uday to join it, then we can do it tommorrow, as Uday will be in your 1st. capital city tomooooorow !! Lol !!

          • I agree to that Belgaum needs development. and the CM urging for it is because he needs votes in the next election .. and as we all know belgaum is critical issue the developments wont happen. cause its in the supreme court and people over here dont support yedirappa…………………..

          • Well Mr…People over here dont support or not..But even they dont need ur support…so better u keep quiet….and watch the developments…

          • Hi Shivaji,

            Dont worry…. KRV and many people here joined their hands for the development of belagavi… Just relax and enjoy the moments,,,,,,,,

          • You and KRV cant do anything. I know the people who work for KRV are all Unemployed and illeterate. They just do anything if they get money. Whereas Mes people are well qualifies like Advocates Doctors and Engineers And they cant be wrong if they want Belgaum in Maharashtra. And Why I dont understand Yedirappa wants Belgaum as 2nd capital where cities like mangalore and mysore are more developed than Belgaum. its just to get the votes of kannada people i guess. making Belgaon 2nd capital will make him a hero among kannadigas but certainly not to the people of Belgaon.

          • Looks like u r not belgaumite…as u r supporting other cities to become 2nd capital….Mes people are well qualifies like Advocates Doctors and Engineers means "persons after completeting their degrees because of unemployment they joined MES or what"?

          • Mi Belgaon cha ahe manun kai ahe te khara sangtoi. Tumala mahit ahe kai marathi lokanchya manala kiti dukh pochtai jeva Yedirappa ithey yeun Sangtoi ki vidhan soudha madhe winter session ghenar, Ithey amchya var kaanidi varvanta chalu ahey. Tu mala sang no one but a few marathi people know to read and apeak kannada then why the road signs bus boards and shop names in kannada. Hyachani kai sadhya karaila bagtai.

          • I know some of my lines are edited/deleted by the admins before approving my comments and same is the case with the Karnataka Govt. Ithey Marathi lokaanchi gal-cheypi keli jaate. we are not been allowed to express ourselves, But remember when the water will come till our necks will will Retaliate and yedirappa and Karnataka Govt will be responsible for it.

          • Mr, maharaj,

            I will tell you the hard truth,,,, we are considering belagavi as second capital only to shut your(marathi's MES) mouth…. always u people pop up on this issue na…. once its declared then you or Maharashtra govt cant do anything… get ready and join your hands in celebration of 2nd capital of karnataka……or else just quit like british people…….. to kolhapur pune or any of your city….
            And if you still want to stay here and dont know to read or write kannada… my suggetion is plz join any of kannada classes… as everything is going to be in kannada in second capital of karnataka…..that is BELAGAVI…..

          • Writing these comments on website is easy go in the city and say this then see what happens. And making 2nd capital would only do good to Maharashtra as we would get a good developed Belgaon in Maharashtra, the issue is in Supreme Court and we are Damn sure the case is in favour of maharashtra. Do whatever you want Maharashtra will always benefit. The case is strong now in favour of Maharashtra thats why you can see the Melavas & morchas in Maharashtra to pressure the centre to give the decesion in Maharashtra's favour.

          • And dont call it Belgavi the Center has already denied the Change of City's name. Belgaon / belgaum

          • hey maharaj,

            Even I know that is border issue is in supreme court and it is always in favour to karnataka,,,, I am stranged…. as if u are saying it is in ur pocket and u decide urself as a maharashtrian…. wake up man … wake up… dont dream too much,,,,,, and one thing I stay in belagavi as a kannadiga…. so no need to go to everybody and say i am kannadiga… its u people who has to defend urself….

          • Y cant u go to Maharashtra and stay there only….Case is still in supreme court know…"NOW YOU ARE EATING AND DRINKING KARNATAKA'S FOOD AND WATER" If u r trely supporting for Maharashtra or fan of it the u should not eat and drink from now onwards…

          • Sorry dude
            I am not intrested in Senseless debate…

            N prakash,,,
            those words were specific for sandeep,,,,

          • Mr. Mahant, make this as a discussion not a debate. This is a forum for discussion and not debate. You creating hatred and not a friendly environment. And to a large extent Mr. Sandeep has replied politely and looks like he is discussing and not debating. Same is not the case with you.

          • Mr. sandeep…

            Please clear my doubt….. your name is sandeep or sundeep…. I am going through the dictionary but not finding… I have to go to my english teacher to clarify this or what?,,,,,

          • Sundeep,

            When Mahant said " there any other city than these two is as good,bold,Beutiful and developed as Belgaum ?" it is a relative comparision. Belgaum is being compared with other cities which does not mean that Belgaum is a developed city… It is more developed that other cities in Karanataka. That is what I infered from his statement….

  22. yes bhai i agree u wat for status we need just need our basic needs like better Roads Drains Nd water system etc etc make such developments it would be worth than making 2nd capital status to city

    • dude go an see many cities which are under developed than bgm…. our bgm is best amony the cities which i ve visited yet….


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