In the name of development


In Karnataka everything happens in the name of development and from “Delhi to Galli” in this case “Bangalore to Belgaum” people are changing their loyalties just like a mobile sim card.

Operation Lotus was done in Karnataka to strengthen the BJP in the state but now one can see the after effects and to counter the current crisis another operation is in the pipeline.

Yesterday in the Belgaum city corporation what one saw was nothing different.

The person who became the Deputy Mayor yesterday Mr.Dhanraj Gavali is the same person who has filed a case against the Mayor Mr.Nirwani earlier this year on the basis of “glaring irregularities and illegalities” in the process of their election asking the court to declare the election null and void as the then Mayor Mr.Kurbar had declined 6 nominations which included Mr.Gavali and Latif Pathan and declared Nirwani as unopposed.

On April 4, 2010 Marathi group leader in the corporation Dhanraj Gauli said a petition would be filed in the district court within two days by their group member Neelima Manoj Pawashe demanding that the election of the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor be declared null and void. Ms. Pawashe and corporator Swati S. Bailurkar were present.

A group of 15 Marathi-speaking councillors belonging the Opposition Belgaum Development Front (BDF) defected to the ruling camp, the Sarvabhashik Samavichar Vikas Vedike (SSVV), overnight.

On the other side Mr.Latif Pathan who was a prominent leader of the SSVV until recently, defected to the BDF in the hope of becoming the Deputy Mayor.

Speaking to press persons yesterday, newly elected Deputy mayor Gavli said that he will still fight the case against Mayor Nirwani. He also said he was with the Sarvabhashik Samavichar Vikas Vedike as it was for the development of the city.

A few Marathi speaking councillors who defected along with Gavli say that, they voted him as he was Marathi speaking.

So here all have their own answers but the common man is the one who is left high and dry in middle of the sea.

The word loyalty is no more in the dictionary of these elected representatives, but can we blame them as well, as nothing is more sweet than money.

As a common Belgaumite what difference did Mr.Nirwani make to us or what will Mr.Gavli make to us. We will have the same old civic problems to be faced with where as they will have some other agenda on hand.


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    • Very correct martial law for a while would be the best option. Just see how well organised, neat & clean are the Nakata (Hindalga) Ganapati & the Durga temple at fort. This all happened once they were handed over to Army.

      Martial law with an essence of democracy would really work good for our country.

  1. Belgaum has lost a lot on the name of MES
    Kolhapur, dharwad.. our neighbouring cities have fared well from 1956..
    Not us..
    So whats wrong in deputy mayor joining hands in development ?????????

    • Along with MES the Karnataka Govt is also equally responsible for this. How come the industry flourishes in Shinoli just 17 Kms away from Belgaum & some how this does not happens in Belgaum.

      The maximum number of people working at Shinoli are from Belgaum, which means the setup has been made to benefit people from Belgaum. Vidan Souda is made on Halaga road & the corporation waste is being dumped at Chirmori this indicates the attitude of Karnataka Govt.

  2. Yet again it has been proved by politicians that nothing matters when it comes to money…All the parties and politicians and we people as fools elect them and follow their diktats….Wake up Belgaum Wake up…

        • Whom to join and whom to oppose? As all the politicians are equally corrupt and harmful to the well being of our country. Look what's happening in Bangalore. Next time whom should the people vote for? As all the parties are acting like leeches. That what I meant when I said we have no options practically.

          • Next time when you go for voting there is option called none, If you cant find a suitable candidate in your constituency you simply use that option.
            One more thing change in the entire system begins from our SWEET HOME

  3. It is very simple let us have a fair deal – For example like having reasonable profits on produce (since the sugarcane farmer is putting the maximum efforts he should get the maximum profit not the trader) a very reasonable interest rates by banks – means there should be hardly 1 % difference between the lending & borrowing rates & infact banks should be seen as non profit making organisations (very out of box thinking). This fair deal will zoom our economy resulting in more business, more jobs, more prosperity, more happiness. In India it is opposite rather than plugging the leakages the best way to increase govt. revenue is to burden the citizen by more tax. It is your money my dear citizen & it is you who has to ensure that it is used meaningfully by the govt.

  4. Can you imagine RS 70,000 crores were spent on recently concluded CWG, but in actual may be only 50 % of the funds were spent & the rest 50 % were siphoned into various accounts – once again this is your own money as you pay tax when you buy petrol, your day to day needs or anything where tax is applicable. If the govt. is able to plug these leakages which do happen in the form of corruption, mismanagement etc may be It is possible to sell petrol at half the rate it is, booze which is maximum taxed can be relaxed a bit, this all will have cascading effect on the economy resulting in very good surprises as we will be able to clock good GDP numbers etc. Can all the citizens try to ask the efficiency of government at corporation level, state level or at central level. Need to generate awarness for this so that the life of our future generation will be more secured & happier one. Media too has to play a effective role which should give guarenteed results in the favour of the common man.

  5. Better get rid of these dirty politicians. All citizens need to understand that it their money which is contributed in form of various taxes to the Govt. booty & this money the politicians get it equally distributed among themselves leaving the common citizen to suffer.

  6. For once we have been feeling that no-government is better than having a government as government itself is creating lawlessness. This murky politics will swallow everything one day.


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