Pressure tactics for road widening on Khanapur Road


Source as appears in the Sakal

Demolition from 9 October ; petitioners being threatened

The PWD is getting its act in place to beginning the work on the road widening of Khanapur Road. All petitioners who had approached the high court are now being threatened by the police. On Thursday one businessman who is a petitioner in the high court was called in the police station and threatened as per information from sources.khanapur_road_widen1

The PWD is planning to demolish the structures of the petitioners after October 8, sources said. As per the order of the Hon High court, the petitioners have filed their petitions in-front of the Regional commissioner and their hearing is stated to be on 8 October. Currently Deputy Commissioner is holding additional charge as Regional commissioner and sources say the final order would be passed on October 8 and instantly from October 9, the demolition of the structures of the petitioners would commence and same was told by Executive engineer R B Dyamannavar of the PWD.
Hence it seems to be a case of collusion between the authorities and an attempt to get the petitioners into trouble.

After the recent accident at Udyambag cross where Darshani chougule was killed there was a lot of criticism of the PWD. The accident occurred due to the road condition and also that the road was not widened even after the same was commenced in December 2014. There are no hurdles in widening the road from Third gate to Peeranwadi; but the road from Mahveer Bahavn to third gate about 40 businessmen have filed petitions in the high court against the road widening. The high court in its final order has now transfered the case to the Regional commissioners office and also has given a 12 weeks stay on any kind of dispossession of the petitioners.

As per the order of the high court the dispossession stay is valid upto 18 November and hence no one can take any action of these said properties. But as per EE Dyamannavar the demolition work would commence after October 8. So does this mean that the PWD will not follow the orders of the court?
Currently DC N Jayram is the acting RC and he will only hear the petitions on Oct 8, and as per the PWD the RC will issue final order on the same day.

Now the petitioners are thinking whether they will be heard without any prejudice. Even after the RC’s order they have an option of appealing with the Karnataka Appellate tribunal.


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  1. Ppl r nt informed well B4 accident, for God’s sake leave these things, save human lives, make wide roads or sit in the pit, other cities ll develop….. Some selfish ppl ll blk development and rest ll face bad times…..

  2. Compensation for what? Can anyone clarify? Are these business establishments built on the government (meant for road) land or on their private land (officially owned by them). If it’s their own land…then they must be compensated with a proper market value.

  3. People should be compensated well before demolishing the property.
    Alternate arrangements for Business should be made.
    Governement authorities should not forcefully demolish the properties.

  4. Please do it fast. And develop the city. And also at the same time compensate the owners properly so that they willing do it rather than force. Let good happen to every body.


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