Protesters arrested – Grave issue


Various protesters of the BJP and other organizations were arrested near Khanjar galli and Mahadwar road and also near CBT for violating prohibitory orders under Section 144 of Cr.PC, effective in 500 mtrs radius of the controversial grave at Khanjar galli and Sambhaji garden on Mahadwar Road from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. of Wednesday are effective.

A lot of rumors are making a round on social media about stone pelting etc but public at large has been told not to heed to such false rumors. The BJP MP Suresh C. Angadi had planned to lead 500 women and other Hindutva workers to stage protest at the site of an alleged fake grave at Khanjar galli on Wednesday morning.
There is a huge police presence near Khanjar galli and adjoining sensitive areas.

Many of the shops near Khanjar Galli are shut since morning.
The city since past two days is reeling under communal tension over the alleged grave at Khanjar Galli. Political intervention in the issue has put the police on high alert to maintain law and order.
A lot of rumors are making a round on social media about stone pelting etc but public at large has been told not to heed to such false rumors.


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  1. The whole world knows who is making the communal violence, who is spitting the communal venom, who is killing the innocent people in the name of god. The so called religion of peace. Do not preach others. Look within yourself and if you really believe in your god then do not blame others. I am a HINDU & I believe in only my religion but that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect other religion.

  2. when the land belogs to city corporation, the local corporator and MLA should raise the voice and take legal action. But what I observe is corporator are throwing stones at police and damaging public property and MLA is protesting against the arrest of corporators 🙂 And MP has jumped asking take legal action against the culprits.

    • The thing is sir people from minority say when there are so many temples in the corporation place then y are u questioning one grave??? Wrong is wrong I am on no side.,..

      • Get the proof my dear friend हवा में बातें मत कीजिए,
        मंदिर दिखते बडे है लेकिन कम है, मस्जिद, मझार तो गिनना भी मुश्किल है

  3. Don’t be outraged my brothers, ofcourse you are frm the religion of peace, I just wanted to show similarity between hindus n muslims, if you feel discomfort with the similarity how ll brotherhood exist, I M nt your enemy, your outrage is your enemy,that’s all my brothers, I feel we r one….

  4. Appreciate you shailesh, Finally for namesake I see some brotherly comment from you. Though people can read between the lines on your new found love for brothers…I would just say Let the matter finish in court since its sub-judice not sure why everybody (Muslims and Hindus) are so interested in this matter. There are so many pending matters in courts but its eye raising to see our MP, MLA showing so much interest in it and making it more communal. Bhai log abhi election dhur hai…

  5. Mr shailesh you are partially right and partially wrong.. See my brother we worship only allah and Islam is our only religion and we follow the footprints of our prophet.. You are trying to create communal venoms between the communities by your comment.. We just want to respect that grave we are not worshipping that grave.. So please try to maintain piece among all by putting peaceful coments it’s my humble request to you brother..

  6. Belgaum Muslims are also our brothers, infact they are also hindus bcoz they also worship idols, grave or whatever it is, it has a shape, In Islam idol worship is prohibited, still if they idol worship against Islam, I think they are truely our brothers I welcome them


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