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RAF in town for tomorrows Seema Parishat


The Rapid Action force is in town and did a flag march on the streets of Belgaum to show their presence in the city. They are here for the ‘Bandobast’ for the SEEMA PARISHAT called by the MES and other Marathi speaking organizations. The RAF during its Flag march

The SEEMA PARISHAT has been called for the rejuvenation of the cause for Marathi and to spread awareness about how the Marathi people have been denied of their rights and what are ones rights.
The DC recently ordered all offices in the district to make arrangements to make all official documents to be made available in Marathi as well. This was done after the National Minorities commission summoned the authorities and also for the reason that the commission will hold its meeting here in Belgaum later this year.
SEEMA PARISHAT will be held at Subhash Maidan (Lele Ground) in the afternoon and thousands of people will come for the same the organizers said. The district authorities have not officially granted permission for the event but the Corporation gave a conditional permission for erecting the pandal at the venue.
Today some women activists of the Kannada organizations tried to commit suicide at the DC’s office in protest of the authorities giving permission for the event.
Today morning a huge rally was organized by MES with various demands from Ration cards, Marathi sign boards, to getting good value for the crops.Rally held on 04-10-2010


The language game and politics is at its peak and this SEEMA PARISHAT which was planned way before this all started may be an appropriate time for discussing the issue, many feel. The Mumbai for Marathi’s issue is gaining ground day by day with almost anyone falling into the discussion from Sharukh Khan to Snajay Nirupam to Raj & Udhav Thackrey.
The worst part of all this for city of Belgaum is not good.
When one sees the photos of RAF and this bandobast, people from outside will not come and this will hit and impact business as a whole.

The Mumbai for Marathi’s is the hottest topic of the news channels for the past 4 days and what is Belgaum for ????? “Belgaum is for Belgaumites.”
People from both parties can fight it out as a discussion but what is going to happen in reality is a question.



  1. see all this trouble started becoz of the lingayata people of solapur greed filled their hearts and they lost all shame and begged literally before justice meher chand mahajan that solapur and its villages be separated from Mysore dominion and be included in Bombay state becoz of which Bombay state unwilling though yet gave up Belgaum and karwar so Mysore later be came to be known as Karnataka and Bombay state split into maha and Gujarat. Before which they always were together if the then greedy bastards of solapur whose crooked children are still living in solapur are responsible for the kasargod loss and the greedy politicians like Devraj urs are responsible for having taken Belgaum karwar gadag dharwar hubli into the then Mysore state which from November first of 1971 became Karnataka whereas Bombay state lost Belgaum on 1st may 1960 the very same day it was divided the north and west part of Bombay is called Gujarat. And then there comes the south and eastern part of Bombay state called present day Maharashtra Mumbai is the first capital and the winter capital of maharashtr is NAGPUR why Nagpur in winter becoz Nagpur is the hottest in apr may so Nagpur is the winter capital of Maharashtra yet Belgaum will always find a place in the heart of maharashtr

  2. Guys u know one thing

    If u think what is going on is wrong then come out n try to change it! otherwise better stick with the situation what exists now….


  3. I think the people who ar efighting are right because they are not treated well by the Govt of Karnatak because the rights have to be given to them without they demanding for it in the state. The Govt imposes the boards on shops, Govt offices road signs to be in Kannada where many people dont know to read it. And the state govt should understand the road signs in kannada dont help the people over here as well as the people who come from GOA and Maharashtra
    for shopping as belgaum is a verygood market for clothes and jewellery. Stop Imposing kannada let everyone live happily.

    • There are lakhs of Kannadigas in cities like Mumbai and Pune and in so many other cities in Maharashtra. Did they ever ask for minority rights? They all learnt Marathi and mingled with local people and that is correct way as well. All the government documents are in Marathi, did they ever ask tht Maharashtra government to have them in Kannada as well.
      Why Shiv Sena and MNS are against only North Indians. It is because North Indians want to create a seperate group and are not ready to mingle with Marathi people by learning Marathi and Maharashtra culture.

      I do not think there is anything wrong with government decision to have Kannada boards, and govt has never said that you can't have english boards on shops etc.

  4. 2)
    Being a Belagumite n Kannadiga i learnt marathi to speak, read n write, it was thought to me by my naighbour , but we never fought to each other regarding this border issue. but the ba***rd politicians from both side are doing this. i dont know what they get by this.
    Every one know what we all Belgaumites lost by creating such nonsense, we lost TATA plant, we Lost High court , these are just few examples. but now Belagum was little shining and is little developing but these political parties are not happy with it seems….

    I am sad to see Belgaum Like this.

  5. You know Guys,

    The Aam Adami faces which we can see in these photographs are those who came to streets just because of ''Laalach'' of some money. Ya its true. In my area in Belagum i heard those parties like MES, KRV etc give money or some gifts to public to encourage them to participate in these melava's or protests. a known person said to me "hey its all value of money / gift matters, if MES comes n gives me it first i will protest against Karnataka n support marathi and viceversa". This is what going on there.

  6. i think demand only govt communication in marathi for th marathi speaking majority for generations is legitimate. Also as a minority in a state, these rights are confered by law. These must come to every citizen without he fighting for it. If every one is happy there will be no agitations.

    India is hetrogenous and unity in diversity can be successful if each respec tthe others feelings language and belief. JAI HIND, JAI Karnatak, JAI Maharashtra

  7. I dont know Belgaum belongs to who?? Why? why? after 60 odd years people dont want to understand political party issues? some rich and stamuck full political people are playing with innocent people who are made pupets… common aam adami jago wake up and decide what u want? work? money? or stupid politics? I donno know what exactly will happen if Belgaum transfers to Maharashtra? anything going to change in Aam adami? I dont think so he has to work as per normal. I really want Aam Admi to think on this seriously….

    • it will directly effect aam admi' THE MES GROUP OF SHIV SENA' what do they do in maharastra 4r small little reasons trouble actors,industrial guys,famous celebrities if these people do not agree to shivsenas order what do u think they do SIMPLE! burn the govt bus,break the shop, taxis,or malls glass windows,beat the common men walking onthe road .WILLthey dare to beat a famous man no REMEMBER A BUS BURNT A AAM ADMI CANNOT TRAVEL,NOR A INJURED LABOUR OFCOURSE HAMMERED BY THE GREAT SHIV SAINIKS AS THEY CALL THEMSELVES CANNOT GO WORK a hawker selling fruits or any thing will be first attacked by them.SO DO NOT U THINK ITS THE AAM ADMI WHO IS ACTUALLY SUFFERING.Its time 2 standup & oppose such an act 2 get justice 4r ourselves.Every "MES'rally how much destruction or loss is occured .but have u ever observed the RALLY held by kannada sangattnas do they damage govt or public property?Their demends r alwys in favour of common men.

        • MES, KVS, Shiv Sena, Sri Ram Sena,MNS are hypocrite parties which want to encash on the common man! if u support any of them even they damage or dont damage government property they all same they want to set up their political parties win the hearts of their own community I don't believe in any of them. When riots happen it happens because of what>?? when terrorist attack happen where this buggers will go? why they dont come and protect the common man? when a hungry person dieing on road do u see any of these party worker go and help? its simple they all want to create news. and we give them what they want… if we stop bothering about them… soon they will be parties without political agenda. there are some dashing netas if they come to gather they can form a better nation rather then supid political party which fights for their own cause. I hope we will say one day Jay Hind! rather then Jai karanataka Jai maharashtra Jai Andra….

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