Raviwar peth to be shut until May 3


The wholesale Raviwar peth market has been asked to shutdown until May 3 by the police.

A couple of days ago the wholesale business was allowed but the businessmen and the people coming to shop did not follow any social distancing measures or even the use of masks was not seen.


Hence the police swung into action and has now closed all the business until May 3 this will include both Raviwar peth and Kanda market.

Business was allowed in the evening for wholesale trade from 6 pm to 11 pm. But social distancing was not maintained and many used to roam without masks hence the police has now shut their business.



  1. If you see the present condition in Belgaum people are rounding recklessly, So many vehicle as if there is no lockdown. Police should take some serious actions for remaining days.

  2. Hotel, Restaurants, Malls, Theatre, Show room, Marriage halls, Should not be allowed even After Lockdown, closure must be extended, where social distancing is not at all posible, because this are places where public gatherings are high, and high risk areas, Essentials and Non Essentials should be divided, and asked them open on alternate day with staff in shift, eg: if 10 employees 5 alternate days, If Whole Baazar like Raviwar Peth begins operation, no control will be there, and chances of increase in COVID. Anyway Govt may be have plans too.. my opinion,

  3. Have some arrangements for groceries and vegetables suppliers area wise and at different times so crowd will be less

  4. Actually should not be closed they should be fined for Rs 50000 , then even if they ask these shopkeepers to stand naked they will stand. Money matter not life.

  5. If are thinking of conquering this corona pandemic mask and social distance have to be followed earnestly.We must cooperate with the authorities.Good job Belagavi Police


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