Remove that grave – Angadi


Suresh C. Angadi, MP, has threatened to launch a “non-cooperation movement” against the district administration if it failed to remove a controversial grave near Khanjar Galli in the city by Wednesday.

Talking to presspersons here on Sunday, he said that Feroz N. Sait, Congress MLA, had clarified that he was neither in support of those who brought up the grave overnight two months ago nor opposed to its removal.

Therefore the grave should be removed, allowing the Belagavi City Corporation to resume construction of a parking area for public.

Abhay Patil, former MLA, who was also present, said that some persons had made false claims on the site of the grave. However, Mr. Angadi declined to look into the old records but wished to go by the tahsildar’s claim that the site belonged to the BCC for over two decades.


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  1. This land weather private or govt should be given for public utility, if its private the govt should aquire it through the 2013 LAND acquisition bill,whatever is the govt value should be given to the owner.
    And if it illegally claimed by some ppl, they should nt be heard,
    I too wonder how come a grave suddenly cameup, I think a grave is 75 % inside the ground, but after seeing this there seems nothing inside, it’s just on the ground as if like a cardboard box is kept.
    Congress party n its leader FIROZ SAIT always play votebank politics which is not at all good to both Majority n Minority communities.
    In Azad Nagar, BGM, I hav a muslim friend who says that there is no proper water supply,poor chap had to bring water on cycle from another friend’s house which is in Kasai Galli, I really wonder y muslim majority areas have nt at all developed even though our city is half ruled by muslim MLA ie FIROZ SAIT, he stays in posh locality, I hav seen ppl sitting out on the foot of his house to tell their problems, I hope he listens them, if the vote bank politics goes on like this, it ll nt benefit……

  2. I believe that Suresh Angadi is an MP from Belgaum for 3-4 times, was he sleeping before on this issue ????
    And am sorry to say that during his Political period he has not even learnt what is Legal & what is Illegal,,poor fellow. Think he doesn’t know the meaning of “LEGAL”.
    Let the system go in a Legal way & let the Municipality go thru the records and decide who exactly is the owner of the property and do their job. You Dont try to play cheap “Communal Games” like the Central Govt.
    Dont disturb the PEACE of our City for your dirty Politics.
    If you dont have any work to do, then travel to the villages of your constituency and see whats going on there, See their infrastructure, sanitation, electricity, water supply etc. If the people are lacking these basic thing then work on these issues instead of your foolish Movement
    And what do you mean by “Non-Cooperation Movement”, does he know the meaning of this or atleast know who started this ???
    Mr. Angadi go back to your school days & recall your memory.


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