Resolution No. 21 – Road widening – TDR Proposal ?


The city is undergoing road widening in the heart of the city and this is the resolution passed regarding the road widening as published on the City Corporation website.
So where is the TDR Proposal? Most of the properties have been already demolished ?
Proceedings of the Council Meeting held on 19-08-2014 @ 3-00 P.M. in the 
Council hall, City  Corporation Belgaum. ccb-board
Resolution No. 21
The Commissioner explained the subject and said that Widening of the below mentioned roads have been approved under the Chief Minister Special grants of Rs.100.00 Crores (2nd Phase)

1) Widening and improvement of Ramlingkhind Galli Road

Existing road width – 6.5mtr.

Proposed road widening as per CDP – 18.29mtr (60’)

No.of properties comes under widening portion – 142 Properties.

2) Widening and improvement of Ramdev Galli Road

Existing road width – 7.00mtr.

Proposed road widening as per CDP – 13.70mtr (45’)

No.of properties comes under widening portion – 61 Properties.

3) Widening and improvement to Ravivar Peth, Mense Galli, Kolkar Market and

Kanda Market

I)Mense Galli

Existing road width – 7.70mtr.

Proposed road widening as per CDP – 12.19mtr (40’)

No.of properties comes under widening portion – 115 properties.

II) Raviwar Peth

Existing road width – 8.50 mtr.

Proposed road widening as per CDP – 12.19mtr (40’)

No.of properties comes under widening portion – 100 properties.

4) Widening and improvement to Kalmath Road

Existing road width – 6.00 mtr.

Proposed road widening as per CDP – 12.19mtr (40’)

No.of properties comes under widening portion – 88 Properties.

The detailed survey of the above roads has been carried out and estimate has been prepared & included in the 2nd Phase revised action plan of 100.00 Crores CM’s Special grants. The Administrator has passed resolution for taking widening of above roads. Hence the matter is placed before council for discussion and approval.

Smt. Sarita Patil suggested to appoint master plan implementation Committee first and then to approve such proposal. She said the views of the public’s be taken regarding road widening in City. She suggested that alternate site should be given or compensation should be given to sufferers.

Shri. Sambhaji L. Patil, MLA Belgaum (South) briefed that a resolution was already passed regarding road widening and provision alternative shops is also made.

The rate of land in City area is crores together but we have to co-operate for development of the City. If TDR proposal is passed as done in Bangalore City then the Belgaum City can be developed properly. Sufficient fund is available for development and we may placed TDR proposal today in the Council and that also may be passed.

Smt. Shanta Uppar said that the alternative site or compensation is not given to many sufferers of previous road widening and it is injustice to them, hence alternative site should be given to them.

He said the alternative site is not given to one Shri. V. B. Bagwat, retired teacher who lost his site in master plan. He said TDR is a good proposal but previous sufferers should be rehabilitated first.

Shri. Kiran Saynak, Ruling Party Leader said there are totally 428 properties in TDR approved cases.

Shri. Sambhaji L. Patil, MLA Belgaum (South) opined that road widening is necessary since the TDR has come to existence but the compensation has not paid to many sufferers of master plan done in 1994. It was told at that time that after approval of CDP the payment of compensation is not necessary. The compensation be given first to sufferers and then to take up TDR proposal.

After discussion it was unanimously resolved to approve the proposal for Widening of roads in Belgaum City Corporation as explained above and a Committee be farmed to examine the TDR proposal.


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