Run 4 development


Sunday June 20, 2010 starting from Kittur Rani Chennamma circle to Basveshawra Circle (Govaves)

Run Starts at 9 am from Kittur Rani Chennamma circle.


Belgaumnext – City of Pride, an initiative by proactive Belgaumites, will host a mini marathon event on Sunday June 20, 2010 to promote and create awareness of the forthcoming conference on sustainable development and next generation infrastructure systems for Belgaum in July.

The “Run for “Belgaum’s” Development”, will benefit in bringing awareness regarding the issues taken up to ensure systematic & sustainable development of Belgaum city.

Here all participants will be winners as each person, a Belgaumite by heart will run the mini marathon to show that he is aware of the city needs to attain a sustainable development.

Young and old, Men and Women all are invited to join this Marathon in large numbers and show that Belgaum is the City of Pride.

Readers kindly spread the word about the Marathon with all your friends, Next Sunday Will be for Belgaumites to run.

The route: Starting point: Chennamma Circle – College Road – Sambhaji Chowk (Bogarves) – Fish Market – Gogte Circle – Over Bridge – Ends at: Basveshwara Circle (Govaves).


Who can participate in the Marathon?

Answer: Just about anyone can participate and there are no fees, just come along at 9 am on Sunday 20, June and be ready to run.

Why this run?

Answer: “Belgaum Next” is an open platform for all Belgaumites desiring to witness, Belgaum prosper and develop in a sustainable & systematic environment. As a part of this, they will hold a conference in July where noted speakers will tell what a city needs for a sustainable development keeping in mind nature and its resources. To create more awareness, this run.

I Cannot run the whole distance?

Answer: No worries, if you cannot complete the whole distance running, you can start and then follow the Marathon on a vehicle till Govaves.

Can my children take part in the Marathon?

Answer: Sure, Why not the development that will follow up in the years to come will be for the children of today as they will be the citizens of tomorrow.

Our entire group wants to participate?

Answer: Oh yes, your entire group of employees, or housing society can participate in the event and run along together.

Can we get Banners to the Marathon?

Answer: NO Banners and Flags.

How can I help BelgaumNext?

Answer: One can help BelgaumNext by spreading the word about the marathon now and the conference amongst your friends and relatives which will eventually make Belgaum a better developed city.



  1. Good Start, All the best. Let us make this event a great success . First time it is happening in our Belgaum feel proud .

  2. Hey…..

    Is 10.00 not too late for a marathon to begin?????

    its gonny be sunny till you start the marathon

    Ideal time would be 8.00am

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