Saankhya Labs aims to beat Google, Facebook with tiny chip


The Times of India in its story – Bengaluru company aims to beat Google, Facebook with tiny chip, mentions a tiny chip designed in Bengaluru by Saankhya Labs, the size of a postage stamp, might hold the answer to connecting India’s rural population to the internet, an ambitious goal being chased by the likes of Google, Facebook and Microsoft.
Then why is this on AAB, for the reason being the founder of Saankhya Labs, Parag Naik is from Belagavi.
We had made a story on him earlier Innovative Parag Naik of Saankhya labs.

saankhyaParag Naik who did his schooling from St.Pauls high school and then his engineering (CS) from Gogte Institute of technology (1992).
As per the TOI story and we quote –
The chip, called Pruthvi, powers a system which can use television White Space — or wasted spectrum bandwidth — to beam internet to scores of households. This innovation by Saankhya Labs, is important in today’s India, where on one hand the government is pushing its ambitious ‘Digital India’ programme and on the other, large technology companies are working on similar goals.

“World over regulatory authorities are using or planning to use this spectrum for their respective connectivity programmes. India can take the lead in both technology and the markets for TV White Space-based broadband delivery. And how long can the government not push the envelope… It’s got to be expedited sooner than later,” said Parag Naik, CEO and co-founder of Saankhya Labs.

Founded in 2007 by Naik, Hemant Mallapur and Vishwakumara Kayargadde, the company has developed a system called Meghdoot, powered by its Pruthvi chip, which can utilize the existing TV White Space bandwidth available in India to provide wireless broadband to remote areas. TV White Space refers to the unused spectrum between active TV channels that are traditionally used for over-the-air transmission using TV towers and rooftop antennas. In India, this mainly refers to the spectrum used by the likes of Prasar Bharti.
The Meghdoot product family consists of a base station and user-side modem that can together provide Wireless Rural Broadband using the TV White Space spectrum from 400 to 800MHz.

The technology does not require line-of-sight, thus ensuring longer range, and can serve up to a radius of 10-15km depending on antenna tower height and transmit power. The range can also be further increased with more powerful and taller antennas.


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