Salute to humanity and this cop!



With the world coming to a standstill due to the coronavirus outbreak, things have gone bad for the poor and getting food is a fight they are fighting apart from trying to stay safe in these tough times.


It’s heartwarming to see such an act of humanity shown by these policemen. Respect for their act of kindness during these hard times and for sharing their own food. 

A destitute was sleeping near Vinayak Nagar Hindalga road Belagavi and he was seen at the same spot for a couple of days. S M Bangi, ASI of Camp Police station who was passing by saw him stopped his car shared his own food packet along with a blanket from his car.

We salute the front line warriors who are out so that we are safe and at the same time never disappoint us with such humane acts.




  1. We must all salute the Belagavi police personnel for their exemplary conduct during the Lockdown period so far. Disregarding their own health and comforts these men have displayed superior dedication towards our well-being often working beyond the call of their duty. Our deep appreciation to their leader, Shri Lokesh, Police Commissioner, Belagavi.

  2. Nice to see some soft hearted cops doing work like this. Respect to him and his kind.

    Be safe and stay blessed people 🙏

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